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The Bubba Radio Network, Tampa Florida

The Bubba Radio Network provides a nationally syndicated talk/entertainment radio show based in Tampa, Florida. Bubba The Love Sponge(r), the host, provides content with experts and professionals to address the needs and questions of his listeners. One of those experts is Dr. Mark Swierzewski (aka Dr. Mark). He is a board-certified urologist located in Tampa Florida and has been a regular guest for over a decade discussing men's sexual health issues. After having great success with Promescent in his practice for men with premature ejaculation, Dr. Mark discussed the product on a program in April of 2013. In a subsequent broadcast on Dr. Mark's specialty (On Call with Dr. Mark) weekly broadcast on RadioIO.com, a listener called to tell his brief story of his success with Promescent.

Listen to the story here:

Gary Pharris, age 49, is a real user of Promescent.




You will become more than confident with Promescent ... you will become king of the bedroom!



Real Emails from Real People


Below are stories, often life-changing,from some of our customers. You may not realize the emotional pain that people have endured until you read them. We're thrilled to have helped these men, their partners, and thousands of others.




















As a wife, I often hear "Sorry" in our 27 year marriage. Turn about is fair play. Our love life has gotten more vigorous and much longer due to Promescent. I'm having to say "Sorry" for not being able to hold sex positions long enough. I've actually started Yoga to help keep up. I am really "Sorry" this wasn't available when we were in our 20's.

I have become the instigator and am leave the bottle out as a signal that tonight should be something special. Thanks so much.

Carrie C

Best new product I've ever purchased. The "Hitachi Magic Wand" for men, now indispensable in our love life. I was quite skeptical after years and years of trying to figure out some solution. I stalled for months trying to figure out if this was just another "wild goose chase". Gentlemen it is NOT!  My first efforts were disappointing because I didn't wait long enough for it to take effect. Once I figured that out, this has been golden.

Don C

Hope the product is still selling well. I will order again soon.
PS - I also, anonymously, sent a bottle to an old buddy. Everyone has a close friend where you joke about PE. So, I sent it along. Hope he will become a customer for you too.

"PROMESCENT has given me back my confidence in the bedroom. For so many years I could only focus on how long I was going last and the anxiety that followed when I couldn't last as long as my partner wished. Now I am finally able to focus on my wife and enjoying the moment. "

Jon F., Brighton, MA

"I'm so excited I've finally found something that works for me. I've struggled with PE almost my entire life and have tried countless creams, pills, self-help techniques and even injections. Nothing gave me the results I needed and I thought I might have to learn to live with my PE. I tried PROMESCENT on my urologist's recommendation and have been extremely satisfied with the results and lack of any side effects."

Eric S., Carrollton, TX

"I love PROMESCENT because it's so easy to use and gives me the control I need. I had taken a low dose anti-depressant in the past that my doctor suggested but I didn't like having to take it daily and some of the side effects drove me crazy. All I do now is spray PROMESCENT on, rub it in, and wait 10 minutes. Doesn't get much easier than that!"

Greg M., Berwyn, IL

"I am so glad my husband found PROMESCENT because it not only works for him but for me too. We had tried creams and other sprays in the past and they all ended up transferring to me. It was such a frustrating situation because even if he lasted longer I couldn't feel anything. It feels so good to have found a product that bridges the gap between our times to climax and does not affect my sensitivity."

Stacie W., Lakewood Ranch, FL

"I love the fact that I have gained control but did not lose all my sensitivity. I had used some products in the past that helped me last longer but I basically went numb so the experience was not enjoyable. The absorption process really does work because this product is a cut above the rest!"

John V., Brooklyn, NY

  • FDA-compliant, topical medication backed by urologists.
  • Effective and easy-to-use. Ready for sex in less than 10 minutes.
  • Great sexual sensation for you and your partner.
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