“Delayed Ejaculation” vs. “Delay Ejaculation”

While they sound very similar, wanting to delay ejaculation is very different than experiencing delayed ejaculation. Both can cause anxiety and frustration in the bedroom. Here are the differences between the two.

Delay Ejaculation

To be able to delay ejaculation is the goal of men with premature ejaculation, or those who just want to make love longer. Not being able to delay ejaculation is the most common male sexual complaint, affecting 20-30% of men regardless of age or where you live (Journal of Sexual Medicine, 2014). 

Premature ejaculation is the inability to delay orgasm. Some men may experience it every time they have sex, and nearly all men experience some form of premature ejaculation at some point during their lifetime. Others may last longer, but still wish they could control their orgasm better so that they can finish after their partners have had the opportunity to orgasm.

Men use a variety of methods to delay ejaculation, including the start-stop methodsqueeze technique, and one of several sexual positions that provide less stimulation to the sensitive parts of the penis. The great news is that Promescent is effective for anyone who wants to take control and last longer in bed. No matter how long you currently last, you can experiment with the perfect dose to last longer and create an exciting new dynamic in the bedroom.

Delayed Ejaculation

Delayed ejaculation, retarded ejacualtion or impaired ejacualtion is when it takes a long time to ejaculate (more than 30 minutes) or is difficult to ejaculate at all. It can result from a varity of health problems, medications, substance abuse or a mental health issue, like stress or depression. In some cases, it is a combination of many of these things.
For some guys, an issue that is causing delayed ejaculation may cause more stress and anxiety about not being able to ejaculate, which then makes it even worse.

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