Erectile Dysfunction and Premature Ejaculation

We have studied the medical journals and cannot find any evidence that erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation have any physiological connection. ED and PE have completely different causes.

Urologist Jon Lee Pryor, MD, University of Minnesota Physicians, in an interview by WebMD on May 24, 2005, said the following:

"The ED medications, in virtually every case don't affect PE, if the man only has PE. In other words, if the guy has good erections and has PE, the erectile medications like Viagra will generally do nothing unless it has a placebo effect."

"If somebody has erectile dysfunction and also PE, it's possible that curing the erectile dysfunction could help in the PE, but this is rare. Usually people with PE don't have problems with erections, it's just that they ejaculate quickly and then the erection goes away. But, you expect that -- after you ejaculate, your erection does go away."   Read Article

PE vs. ED by Age

There's a widespread belief, or myth, that premature ejaculation is a "young man's issue".  But the data (see chart) shows that this is not the case.  ED prevalence increases sharply with men above 50 years of age but PE is relatively constant with each age grroup.

Trimix and Caverject Injections

Users of injection therapies for erectile dysfunction including Trimix and  Caverject may not have clinical PE but such men typically don't have sex as often as they may have in the past and may want to have their sexual experience last longer.

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