Does Promescent Work?

Does Promescent work? In a nutshell, yes, Promescent works. How can we say that so emphatically? Promescent is the only brand on the market in the U.S. with clinical research to back up this claim, and men all over the world insist that this is a product that does indeed, work.

In fact, in clinical studies, men lasted up to 64 percent longer when using Promescent. And what’s truly exciting is that Promescent lidocaine spray isn’t just a desensitizing product that cheats premature ejaculation and delays orgasm. It’s not just another tip from the chapter or blog on premature ejaculation solutions. It’s real. It’s proven. Men and couples agree, even beyond the last-longer effects, Promescent offers better sex even to those who already have a healthy sex life. Don’t you want to keep your sex life fresh and exciting? There’s always room for improvement. And what guy doesn’t think about how to last longer in bed? What guy doesn’t want to make sure his partner is fully satisfied? Promescent can help.

What Does It Do?

Promescent is a safe, proven-effective last-longer spray that can delay ejaculation and let men enjoy lovemaking in a way they didn’t know was possible. And many men say the best part of all is being able to truly satisfy their partner using Promescent. How it works is a common concern when men start looking at why and how Promescent is different from other products. The simple answer is: patented targeted absorption. Using proprietary patented TargetZone™ technology, Promescent absorbs into the skin in a matter of minutes, optimally desensitizing the penis, allowing for ejaculation control with negligible loss of sensitivity.

The result? A heightened sense of control and a more satisfying sex life for both partners. Promescent’s absorption formula ensures minimal transference, so you can be sure that your partner is enjoying it as much as you are.

What’s in Promescent?

Promescent spray is a leading last-longer delay spray available for men who suffer from PE. Promescent’s active ingredient lidocaine, is a common anesthetic used by dentists and dermatologists. But don’t worry, a typical dose of lidocaine in Promescent is much, much lower than that of a dentist. And it’s not just what’s in Promescent that makes it so different – it’s how the lidocaine works once you spray it. That patented TargetZone™ technology means the lidocaine quickly absorbs into the skin and stays local to the application area, rather than dulling your sensation of the whole penis, like some other products out there.

How Does Promescent Spray Work?

If you’re considering trying Promescent, how it works is probably your top concern. When properly used, Promescent can help delay ejaculation so you can last longer when and where it counts. But how does it work? When Promescent is applied as recommended to a localized area, the active ingredient lidocaine alters the sensitivity of the nerves in the penis that most effect ejaculation, while still allowing for next-to-normal sensitivity across the rest of the penis. The end result is ultimate control so you’re not releasing until you’re ready to.

What are the Advantages?

Promescent is effective and easy to use, with results that are so amazing, even doctors recommend it. But don’t just take our word for it – with more than one million bottles sold, many Promescent users are repeat buyers.

Benefits of Promescent:

  • Patented TargetZone™ technology- prevents spread across the penis
  • Next-to-normal sensitivity – enjoy great sexual sensation
  • Works fast – you’re ready to go in 5-10 minutes
  • Very low side effect profile
  • Backed by clinical data and research results Thorough absorption – virtually no transference to partner
  • Effective for a half hour or longer – time for plenty of foreplay and intercourse
  • Proudly made in the U.S. in a state-of-the-art pharmaceutical facility
  • Recommended by over 2,000 urologists and sex therapists
  • Success rate – men last more than 64 percent longer in bed when using Promescent

What else do you need to know? The results are there. Promescent works.

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