Premature Ejaculation


How common is premature ejaculation? Who is affected by it?

Approximately 30% of men have PE – that’s almost ⅓ of the male population! Some have it for the duration of their lives and others only temporarily. PE occurs across people of all ages and ethnic backgrounds, and it's nothing to be embarrassed about.

I deal with early ejaculation – is it all in my head? Should I think about baseball, or math, or anything other than sex, during sex?

Men naturally climax faster than women, so in the past, you had to think about anything but sex just to last longer – but that is not how great sex happens. With Promescent, you can leave your math exercises behind and focus on making great sex last longer while avoiding ejaculating too quickly. This video explains the "Orgasm-Gap".

I’ve heard of doing Kegel exercises to control ejaculation. Should I do them while using Promescent?

The theory is that Kegel exercises help give you control over ejaculation, so it wouldn’t hurt to use Kegels as an additional practice to help you last longer. Of course, with the right dosage, Promescent allows you to focus on lovemaking, so you can forget about that Kegel workout, and have better sex!

What about the Start-Stop Method? The Squeeze Technique? The Valsalva Maneuver?

All these are methods to aid in the prevention of PE, and many claim they are effective, but they all have one thing in common. They are all designed to interrupt the natural flow of great sex. The beauty of Promescent is that it’s designed to allow you to put these techniques to the side, and focus on making your lovemaking more intense and pleasurable without worrying about using one of the above techniques. With Promescent, you can leave the start-stop for rush-hour traffic.

Does circumcision have an effect on PE?

In short, there is no data which shows circumcision has an effect on PE. A few studies claim circumcision lowers the incidence of PE, simply because the head of the penis is less sensitive. But, to date, no substantial proof has been cited. Promescent is effective whether you are circumcised or not. In fact, you can adjust dosage depending on your sensitivity level.

Do low testosterone levels effect PE?

There is no correlation between low testosterone and PE. There is strong data which supports this. Unfortunately, as men get older, testosterone levels drop naturally, and with that, a lower sex drive is usually not far behind, but there’s always a dirty old man in all of us.