Promescent And Your Partner


Can the desensitizing effect transfer to my partner? Will my partner know I’m using Promescent?

With correct application, Promescent should be unnoticeable. However, the penis should be wiped off with a damp towel prior to oral sex to avoid a medicinal taste. It is always advisable to discuss Promescent use with your partner prior to sex in case they have a lidocaine allergy.

Can I use Promescent if we’re trying to get pregnant?

No studies exist on the impact of lidocaine and conception, so we strongly suggest not using Promescent lidocaine spray when trying to conceive until further medical research exists.

Can I use Promescent if my partner is or may be pregnant?

Promescent lidocaine spray for sex has nothing in it that will prevent pregnancy or reduce the likelihood of pregnancy. However, the active ingredient in Promescent, lidocaine, is a category B compound per the FDA. This means that lidocaine has not been proven to be safe to use in pregnancy. We recommend to err on the side of caution and not use Promescent when trying to conceive until more research has been done.