Using Promescent


How do I use Promescent?

It’s really easy to use! Please visit our How To Use page and watch the video for detailed step-by-step instructions on how to use lidocaine spray.

Will I need to wash my hands after I use it?

Yes. You should wash your hands thoroughly after first using the product to minimize the chances of transferring it to your partner and to prevent Promescent from coming in contact with your eyes, as serious medical problems may occur. You only want the desensitizing effect to work on that one place that you bought it for – not anywhere else.

Do I need to have an erection before applying?

Absolutely not! It is up to you when and where to apply it, but you may notice more targeted coverage if you can apply exactly where you need it, so we’ll leave that up to you. You’ll know exactly where you’re spraying if you’re already stiff, though.

Can Promescent be used with a lubricant?

Yes. Once Promescent has been absorbed (in about 10 minutes) and after any excess product has been washed off, lubricant can be used with no risk of transferring Promescent to your partner.

Will Promescent stain my clothes or sheets?

Any Promescent spots on clothing or bed sheets should be easily removed in the washing machine, since the product is water-soluble. You are going to wash those sheets anyway, right?

Will Promescent come off in the shower, Jacuzzi, etc.?

Yes. Promescent is water-soluble, so it will wash off in a tub or a Jacuzzi. This can be addressed two ways:

1.) If you have waited 10 minutes after applying it and just want to clean up, then yes, that will wash off in the shower.

2.) If you have waited 10 minutes after applying it, then Promescent is already at work, absorbed into the skin where it should be doing its job by now. Going into the shower or Jacuzzi will not wash away what has already been applied and given 10 minutes to be absorbed. In fact, you’ll know it’s working because the hot or cold water will feel just a little different than the norm!

Why is the metered-dose bottle important?

The metered-dose bottle ensures that each spray contains the same amount of Promescent. This allows you to consistently manage the amount of Promescent that's just right for your level of sensitivity. With a normal spray, gel, or cream, you might think you are using the same amount, or close to the same amount, each time. But how can you really tell? A different day, or a different night, things change. With our bottle, all you need to remember is the number of sprays that works for you. No guessing means no surprises, and you get the same great result time after time.