Stud 100 Review vs. Promescent

Although the ingredient in Promescent and Stud 100 - lidocaine - may look very similar, these two medications use different types of formulas.  Lidocaine is a topical anesthetic that can be sprayed "on demand" to reduce sensitivity of the penis. Although useful in delaying ejaculation, lidocaine can also reduce penis sensitivity, transfer to your partner and reduce sexual pleasure for both of you. Promescent is designed to greatly minimize these two side effects. 

Absorption Technology - Key for a More Effective Delay SprayDelay Spray Comparisons

Absorption Pharmaceuticals performed a "Cadaver Study" using a Franz-cell apparatus and human cadaver skin. These experiments show that Promescent technology allows lidocaine to more rapidly permeate the stratum corneum and also be retained in the immediate skin tissue over a long period of time. This keeps the majority of the lidocaine close to the application location and  minimizes the spread of lidocaine to other areas of the penis, allowing the man to maximize sexual sensitivity.

Avoid Transference to Your Partner

Lidocaine transference can cause vaginal numbness to the female partner which will greatly reduce or may even eliminate her ability to achieve an orgasm. Promescent's aborption technology greatly reduces and minimizes transference with only a 5-10 minute wait time.


Other Delay Sprays and Delay Creams for Premature Ejaculation

Stud 100 is one of many delay sprays and delay creams.


  • FDA-compliant, topical medication backed by urologists.
  • Effective and easy-to-use. Ready for sex in less than 10 minutes.
  • Great sexual sensation for you and your partner.
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