How To Have Multiple Orgasms

Having multiple orgasms can be easy for some women and harder for others. Our guide will go over how to have multiple orgasms.

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by The Promescent Team Last updated 12/11/2023
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Most people have the ability to have multiple orgasms. It can be easy for some women, and take a little work for others.

One orgasm is often enough, having multiple orgasms can be an exciting way to extend the pleasure and try something new in the bedroom.

Quick FAQs

Having multiple orgasms involves experiencing one orgasm, then having another one without an extended break between them.

While less common among men, most women are able to have multiple orgasms.

Some techniques that may enhance sexual pleasure and increase the chances of multiple orgasms include kegel exercises, edging, and stimulating different erogenous zones.

This guide will go over what it means to have multiple orgasms, what women can do to make it happen, and the benefits.

What Does it Mean to Have Multiple Orgasms?

The ability to have multiple orgasms means that, after one orgasm, a person can then have another one without an extended break in between them.

Both men and women have the capability to have multiple orgasms. While it can happen naturally for some, it is also a skill that can be learned.

One benefit for women is that it may be biologically easier for them to have multiple orgasms compared to men.

Men often experience a stronger refractory period after orgasm, where hormones flood the system and reduce one's libido.

Women, in comparison, aren’t flooded with the same amount of sleep-inducing hormones, making it easier to stay aroused and energetic enough to continue.

Is it Common to Have Multiple Orgasms?

According to research that was done by Sexual Medicine Reviews, it was found that less than 10% of men in their 20s experienced multiple orgasms. The number decreased as men aged.

The center for female and male sexual medicine reported that while most women are able to have multiple orgasms, research suggests only 15% do.

How to Have Multiple Orgasms

After an orgasm, it’s possible that women will be overly sensitive in some areas, including the clitoris, vagina, and nipples.

For some women, this sensitivity may be stronger than for others, and it may even be unpleasant at times.

To have multiple orgasms, you can either continue through this phase of heightened sensitivity, or wait a few moments for it to pass.

Aside from simply pushing through this initial sensitivity, there are some ways you can train yourself to more comfortably and frequently have multiple female orgasms.

1. Do Kegel Exercises

When having an orgasm, your pelvic muscles (PC muscles) often vibrate and clench. Kegels are an exercise where you manually engage these muscles. 

By learning to control them, you can heighten your pleasure during sex and potentially increase the odds of having multiple orgasms.

To do a kegel, pretend you are stopping an imaginary stream of urine by clenching the appropriate muscle. Try lightly squeezing and holding this muscle, and then releasing it in waves.

Note that kegels should never hurt, and it’s always important to do them gently to avoid any strain. Over time, you can manually engage these muscles during intercourse to add extra sensations. 


Masturbating is both beneficial to your overall sexual health and also a great way to encourage multiple orgasms.

Try various speeds, and engage your PC muscles by doing kegels during masturbation to see if it brings new sensations.

After one orgasm, try touching different areas on your body to see if they're more sensitive than before.

You can safely learn your limits in regards to orgasms, and discover what feels pleasurable or what is too sensitive when striving for multiple orgasms. You can then use this knowledge with a partner to have a greater chance of multiple orgasms in the future.

Practice Edging

Edging is the act of getting close to an orgasm, but stopping right before the point-of-return where avoiding an orgasm is impossible.

Edging can be quite pleasurable on its own, and it's a great way to gain a deeper understanding of your peaks and valleys of pleasure.

Instead of rushing into an orgasm, edging allows you to notice the finer sensations leading up to one, and with that, you can gain greater control over your pleasure whether during sex or masturbation.

Since edging involves stopping before an orgasm, it won't lead directly towards multiple orgasms. But it's an important tool as you learn more about your body and gain greater control over your arousal.

Stimulate Different Areas of the Body

By getting in tune with your body, you can discover new areas of pleasure and how you respond best to them.

Beyond the vagina and clitoris, some women can orgasm by stimulating various other parts of their body. Discovering new erogenous zones on your body can help you to avoid hyper-sensitivity after an orgasm, making multiple orgasms more likely.

For example, if your first orgasm is from clitoral stimulation, you could then focus on your nipples for the second one to bring your arousal back up. 

Even if you don’t orgasm from nipple stimulation alone, this can help you to increase desire and avoid any unpleasant overstimulation.

Some erogenous zones to explore, either on your own or with a partner, include:

  • Nipples
  • Breasts
  • Thighs
  • Neck
  • Buttocks
  • Anus
  • Lips
  • Ears

Try rubbing various parts of your body to see what feels good, and try using some light lubrication to make things even more sensual.

Use Sex Toys

Sex toys can enhance sensations and help with working towards multiple orgasms. Research has found that women who used sex toys reported higher levels of sexual satisfaction.

Toys like the Magic Wand can help you to control the stimulation as gently or intensely as you'd like. Being able to change vibration settings may make it easier to continue after orgasm.

Other products, like warming female arousal gels, can also bring new and exciting sensations which can help to increase your arousal and make long sessions more pleasurable.

Have Sex Longer

Sex doesn't have to end after orgasm, and this is true for both men and women.

While men may take longer to recharge due to their refractory period, they can still continue to please a woman with their hands, mouth, or a toy.

For women, you can take a short break to use the restroom or get water before continuing after orgasm. If too much time passes after orgasm, you may lose the desire to continue, but a short break can help you to stay in the mood and reduce hypersensitivity.


Having multiple orgasms can be a great way to enhance your pleasure and learn more about your body and sensuality. Trying the tips in this guide may help to make it possible.

It's important to never worry about having multiple orgasms, as any anxiety around sex can easily ruin the mood. 

However, by setting a goal and taking the time to tune in to your arousal, you'll be closer to achieving multiple orgasms whether on your own or with a partner.

Plus, once you've experienced it, it will likely be easier to repeat in the future as well.

The Promescent Team

The Promescent Team

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