How Long Should Sex Last?

Published : 12/18/2017 17:39:45
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A common question: How Long Should Sex Last? Answer: It all depends on who you ask, gender, age, libido, and overall health! The starkest difference to find a common answer will be dependent on whether you’re male or female. Medical experts, sexual health therapists, and researchers have been tackling the age-old question for years.

What we do know is that on average, women take far more time to reach climax than men do. This is a biological difference in the sexes. Men typically reach orgasm in a far shorter period. This is what we call the Orgasm Gap. Men on average will take approximately 5 and half minutes to orgasm during intercourse, while women can take up to approximately 17 minutes or more! Let’s look and some tips and tricks to bridge that gap based on our findings.

Tips and Tricks for Longer Lasting Sex

Lasting longer in bed is not the most difficult thing in the world to accomplish, regardless of your gender. Here are some pieces of advice for couples looking to close that Orgasm Gap:

  1. Treat your partner to more foreplay. Foreplay leading up to intercourse is an amazing technique to bridge the O-Gap. Consider it a “warm up” period for your partner. The more aroused they are before intercourse takes place, the sooner you can expect her to climax. Need help with foreplay? We will introduce our SenseVibe bundle pack in early 2018.
  2. Men can use Promescent to help desensitize their more sensitive areas of the penis. With Promescent’s patented TargetZone® technology, the spray can be applied to a specific area and desensitize that area ONLY! Other products do not offer similar technology and the desensitization will spread to other areas. Promescent should be applied 10 minutes before intercourse so that it can absorb into the skin. After 10-15 minutes, it will be fully absorbed and can be wiped away with a damp cloth if necessary (recommended if Oral Sex is anticipated).
  3. Try exercises like Kegels, you can find more info about kegels here.
  4. If these tips and tricks don’t help, talk to your doctor!

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