Published : 05/19/2017 14:36:36
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Preboost is a benzocaine-based topical desensitizing wipe invented by urologist, Dr. Harry Fisch, who has appeared on the Dr. Oz and Howard Stern shows. Dr. Fisch frequently discussed medical problems related to sexual performance, particularly for men. Knowing that roughly 30% of men worldwide suffer from premature ejaculation, Dr. Fisch created Preboost.

Solutions for PE fall into four basic categories in order of the increasing ratios of effectiveness and sexual pleasure versus cost and side effects.

  • Psycho-therapy
  • Behavioral techniques such as start/stop and the squeeze method.
  • Oral drugs such as antidepressants in the form of SSRIs and Tramadol
  • Topical Anethetics

Topical anesthetics are now considered by many urologists the best way to solve premature ejaculation. They are easy-to-use, ready in just minutes, and have minimal side effects. Most topical anesthetics come in a spray, cream, or gel form. According to FDA Monograph 21 CFR 348.10, lidocaine-based topical anesthetics must be delivered in a metered spray with approximately 10 milligrams of lidocaine per spray. The advantage of the metered spray is accurate dosing. Preboost comes in a wipe that contains benzocaine, a common anesthetic.The advantage of the wipe is the convenience of carrying it. The disadvantage of a wipe is the difficulty in achieving the proper dose or adjusting the dose. 

Just about any topical anesthetic formula will help a man delay ejaculation. There are over 100 desensitizing sprays and creams on the market. This technology has been available since the 1940s. 

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