Standard Metered-Dose Bottle


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The classic Promescent bottle. Shipped discreetly.

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Buy Promescent online and really see what you can do in the bedroom! Depending on how much of the spray you use, you’re all set for approximately 20 nights of lasting longer in bed than ever before.

It’s worth every penny to gain the added confidence and control that will have your partner absolutely loving this new discovery.

About the Product

When it comes to any couple’s love life, there’s always room for improvement. After all, what guy doesn’t want a spray that will help him last longer in bed? Promescent allows you to adjust the sensitivity you feel. It puts you in control, so you have a say when that mighty orgasm comes. It’s all about giving a guy some extra help, and taking a tiny bit of the edge off, so to speak, so he lasts as long as his partner while staying completely in the moment.



Promescent has allowed me to last longer.

My name is Steve. I am 40 years old.
How has Promescent helped me? To state it simply: Promescent has allowed me to last longer. My wife is able to enjoy the sensation of our lovemaking for longer than 30 seconds. Now sex lasts as long as foreplay, sometimes longer. Promescent has given me confidence, and we have even tried new positions because I know I will last longer. No longer do my wife and I end our lovemaking sessions frustrated. We end them satisfied, exhilarated, breathless. We have regained our intimacy. Sex is just so much enjoyable for the both of us now.


    Amazing product!

    I keep ordering it! At first I was a "little skeptical" BUT at 48 it made me feel like I was in my 20's or 30's again. I tried other products but I'm "hooked" on this one; I just won't be without a bottle ever again.


      Great product

      I don't have severe PE but the wife takes forever to finish and I find myself sometimes trying like hell to not finish first...Saw this on a blog and thought it was worth a shot. Great experience not having to worry about finishing to quickly!!!!



        I need it

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        Saved my relationship

        I have been in a relationship for years and my girl had complained about how long and how many times we had sex. After we split up for a period of time she apparently had amazing sex with another partner and I had always felt Intimidated anytime we had sex after getting back together... So it started happening less often and when it did it would not last long because I would cum very quickly... I ordered the 3 trial pack and let me tell you it works... We have sex almost every night multiple times she actually wants it more and more, the 1st time I used the spray we went for 30-45 minutes and she had multiple orgasms! I am 52 and thought my sex life was over I was looking into injections and everything else... Promescent is the real deal... only complaint she had was the taste when she gave me oral sex...

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        A chilled, electrical tingling.

        That's what I experienced periodically on my first time use and surprisingly several times afterwards: "a chilled, electrical tingling" which enhanced my erection. I am 56 and i also noticed a banana shape erection which i had not had in years. I kid you not! This stuff is absolutely awesome!. That tingling sensation i titled came around everytime when i thought i would cum,...but did not and only enhanced my erection further more. I really did not think this stuff was going to do nothing, -just another company trying to make a quick profit. I am healthy, do intense exercises, and eat healthy and i noticed the quick response results immediately. I can't wait to try it with Viagra.

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        Finally can enjoy sex with my husband!

        My husband has always been a super fast climaxer. I SWEAR this stuff is AMAZING! We now have crazy long sex, and I can tell his orgasms are super intense because it builds up so much longer than it ever has. Ordering the biggest bottle right now, we just ran out and I am so bummed! Can't wait to get the new bottle!

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        Amazing product

        Tried it for the first time after 25 years or marriage and my wife was so impressed. we had the best sex we have had in many years and brought new life and many new fun positions into our lovemaking and made us feel like a porn star.s Don't waste your money on imitation products when you follow the instructions it works great just a little less feeling at first for me and no transfer to her. Thanks I will always have this product on hand from now on in the nightstand.

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        It just works

        I will definitely order this again. For the first time I was able to make my wife happy. Now that I can last we are trying new positions and having lots of fun. She said I have more confidence now and she looks forward to our love making sessions. Thank you so much for helping save my marriage with this.

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        Standard Metered-Dose Bottle

        Standard Metered-Dose Bottle

        The classic Promescent bottle. Shipped discreetly.