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One standard-size bottle, and one trial-size bottle – save $5.95! Shipped discreetly.

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Keep going! The ‘Six Pack’ saves $33 and you’ll never need to slow down!


Order Promescent online and use our penis spray to last longer at home and on-the-go. One stays by the bed, and the travel size is perfect to come along for the ride, or perhaps, for her ride.  It could be a hotel room, or some more adventurous place. 

About the Product

When it comes to any couple’s love life, there’s always room for improvement.  After all, what guy doesn't wish there was some kind of last longer spray? Promescent offers exactly that and allows you to adjust the sensitivity you feel. It puts you in control, so you have a say when that almighty orgasm comes. It’s all about giving a guy some extra help, and taking a tiny bit of the edge off, so to speak, so he lasts as long as his partner while staying completely in the moment.    



Does its job well!

Alot of these reviews are people bragging about their sex life and how they can satisfy their partner so good. Mine is gonna actually review the product. I've used an entire trial size bottle and it really works as the company advertises. It doesn't take any of the sexual pleasure away though it really makes it where (if applied correctly) you can decide if you wanna climax yet or wait longer. That kind of control in the bedroom is a definite confidence booster for any man. I've always given a short waiting period after I apply the product before intercourse (A good gap for foreplay) and doing so the product has never had an effect on my partner. She was concerned it would make her numb as well. All in all I would reccomend this product to anyone even if you feel like your performance is just fine trust me theres room for improvement and that improvement is promescent! Having 2 like in this pack works great as well I keep the small bottle in my inside jacket pocket I forget it's there until I need it!


    Best performance of my career

    Parcel arrived and I read through the literature. Has said date on Sunday and was a little nervous. Date went better than expected and soon realized sex was on her mind, just as much as it was on mine. Three squirts of Promescent, rubbed it in and waited ten minutes. Best performance of my career. Normally cum within the first 30 seconds of penetration, but with this stuff, it must have taken me a good 15 minutes to cum. She came and was quite impressed with my love making. I didn't think I could go a second round, but after some coaxing from her, went again and had another good round. Didn't cum for at least ten minutes. That stuff is gold and has restored my sanity as well as give me my sex life back. needless to say, I now have a second date. Thank you so much. You can't imagine how much this means to me. i can finally function like a normal man and now, she thinks I'm a fantastic lover. Thank you, thank you, thank you.


      Thank you so much

      Promescent has changed the way how I have sex with my girlfriend, she's able to reach climax around 5 times before I'm able to reach climax. Thank you so much for such an incredible product


        been a sex life miracle for my girlfriend and I

        Hi, Promescent has been a sex life miracle for my girlfriend and I!!! Since we've been using it, I can last much longer than usual and it has then help me build confidence. No more stress! It is so easy to use. I can at last enjoy a great sex life without worrying... "How long am I a going to last tonight?", "Will I last long enough so she will be able to have an orgasm?" "Are we going to be frustrated tonight?" Nooo more. Promescent is that good. Thank you for having created this product. I am grateful. It has helped me alot.
        Thank you ! Thad, age 40


          Huge and Lubed

          Works well and does not irritate my partner, who is very sensitive to more and topical applicant

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          Home and Away

          Home and Away

          One standard-size bottle, and one trial-size bottle – save $5.95! Shipped discreetly.