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Three trial-size and three standard-size bottles - Save $70! Shipped discreetly.

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Who doesn’t love a six pack? You’ll get three standard-size and three pocket-sized bottles of the leading delay ejaculation spray for long sex. It’s obvious that you are a huge advocate of Promescent and know how effective it is. This package is for guys who wish to get the ultimate control over their own package, so they’ll have that big fat orgasm on their own terms. With six bottles in total, you’ll save enough money to buy her flowers beforehand.

About the Product

When it comes to any couple’s love life, there’s always room for improvement. After all, what guy doesn’t think about how to last longer in bed? Promescent allows you to adjust the sensitivity you feel. It puts you in control, so you have a say when that almighty orgasm comes. It's all about delaying the ejaculation, and taking a tiny bit of the edge off, so to speak, so he lasts as long as his partner while staying completely in the moment.






    I have tried every recommendation know to man

    My name is James. I am 46 y/o and I live in Texas.

    I have always had a problem with PME. But it seems that its more a problem as I get older. When I was younger I was always able to keep going after ejaculation up to the point of mutual satisfaction.
    As I have gotten older that has not been the case as the little guy just cant stay up and tough it out anymore.

    Believe me I have tried every recommendation known to Man but to no avail. The only times I was able to hold on and stay in the 'race" was either when I consumed mass amounts of alcohol or when I was on the antidepressant Paxil. My Dr suggested it as one of the side effects was delayed ejaculation so we gave it a try and it did work. Problem was I did not suffer from depression and so the dosage required to get me to a satisfactory point of delay was so much that it more or less made me a zombie. To which at that point sex was not a real point of interest. So once I dosed down from Paxil my Dr recommended Promescent and bingo, I was in the game.

    As a man I struggled with not being able to satisfy my wife thru intercourse. Granted we had lots of fun finding other ways to get her there, or get her to the point of almost there and then I would hop in to finish the job and more times than not it would be a mutual well timed orgasmic experience. But even though we were able to both get there, it still ate at me and in some ways I developed a complex about it. My wife was always gracious about it and again, she was still satisfied, but I felt a little lesser of a man.

    So when I started using the spray (and got the dosage down correctly) the pride came back. I can now hang in there from start to finish. And depending on the dosage I can prepare (and deliver) a marathon session or short sprint session depending depending on the mood to which she loves. I guess in someways it keeps her guessing but one thing is we can still do all the foreplay we did before but now the actual lovemaking is the next dish vs. the appetizer.


      Brought the life back into my sex life

      Promescent is really a god sent. It has brought the life back into my sex life and into my marriage. I have to say my wife loves the product more than I do (understandably so!). I have tried other products in the past and they do not come close to comparison. What I love about Promescent is that it doesn't numb me up like the other products do. It allows me to last while at the same time allowing me to feel the pleasure as well.
      Thank you.


        Awesome Product

        It has been a great product for us. My wife loves that I can go longer with out her losing any feeling on her part. It is an awesome product!


          This stuff is absolutely amazing!!!!!

          I just want to thank you for creating a perfect solution for my wife and I!!!!! This stuff is absolutely amazing!!!!! Before I would be doing good to last 30 seconds with this stuff the first time we tried it lasted about 30 minutes and could have went much longer if I wanted to. After my wife had the most amazing orgasm of her life I decided it was time for me and it was that easy. The sex still feels amazing for me and for her it was like she had a smile tattooed on her face. You have a new loyal customer in me. Again thank you so much for this product I had no idea I would ever be to make love like this.


            Serious fun

            Honestly, hate to admit I go through this much, but why not? I keep one with me, one at my girlfriends place, a couple at home. No matter where I go, I'm ready. Things have never been better since I started using this - it's the best out there and totally worth the investment.

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            Six Pack

            Six Pack

            Three trial-size and three standard-size bottles - Save $70! Shipped discreetly.