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Three trial-size and three standard-size bottles - Save $70! Shipped discreetly.

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Who doesn’t love a six pack? You’ll get three standard-size and three pocket-sized bottles of the leading delay ejaculation spray for long sex. It’s obvious that you are a huge advocate of Promescent and know how effective it is. This package is for guys who wish to get the ultimate control over their own package, so they’ll have that big fat orgasm on their own terms. With six bottles in total, you’ll save enough money to buy her flowers beforehand.

About the Product

When it comes to any couple’s love life, there’s always room for improvement. After all, what guy doesn’t think about how to last longer in bed? Promescent allows you to adjust the sensitivity you feel. It puts you in control, so you have a say when that almighty orgasm comes. It's all about delaying the ejaculation, and taking a tiny bit of the edge off, so to speak, so he lasts as long as his partner while staying completely in the moment.



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Honestly, hate to admit I go through this much, but why not? I keep one with me, one at my girlfriends place, a couple at home. No matter where I go, I'm ready. Things have never been better since I started using this - it's the best out there and totally worth the investment.

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Six Pack

Six Pack

Three trial-size and three standard-size bottles - Save $70! Shipped discreetly.