How Promescent is Different

If you’ve already tried Promescent, you know it’s not just about how to control ejaculation.  It’s about how to harmonize as a couple in bed.  And if you’ve never tried Promescent, we’d love to tell you what makes it different.

There are a few things that separate Promescent from the pack when it comes to controlling ejaculation and lasting longer in bed, giving couples ultimate control.

  • If you follow our directions, Promescent won’t transfer to your partner like other sex sprays or delay wipes, because this stuff only belongs on your stuff.
  • Promescent works faster-the formula is rapidly absorbed into the skin, allowing it be effective a few moments after you rub it in.  Unlike premature ejaculation pills, you don’t have to take it every day to push the limits in the bedroom.  In fact, you only use it 5-10 minutes before you need it.
  • Similar to other climax control sex sprays, Promescent uses lidocaine, but with a twist. Our patented technology controls the lidocaine so it doesn’t numb you like other products. This means next-to-normal sensitivity during sex, but with longer control, and sometimes a more intense orgasm.  Who wouldn’t want that?
  • Promescent lasts longer, so your tissue is able to retain a high concentration of lidocaine throughout your lovemaking session.  Yes, as a product it lasts longer, so you can too.
  • Promescent is the only premature ejaculation spray sold in the U.S. with clinical data to support its effectiveness.
  • Promescent is safe and effective and is available to buy online for shipment around the world, and can be found at local retailers in the US.


Stud 100®

K-Y Duration™


Dynamo™ Delay


Endorsed by the medical communityYesNoNo No NoNo
Eutectic*YesNoNo N/ANoYes
Globally availableYesYesNoNoNoNo
Made In the USYesUKThailandYes YesUK
Proven to be clinically effectiveYesNoNoNoNoYes
Low Side effectsYesYesYesYesYesYes
* sprays who do not have a eutectic formulation are numbing (same effect as the anaesthetic the dentist uses), whilst Promescent is a "desensitizing", allowing for next to normal sensation.

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