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Variety to Match Your Mood

Want stimulation? Wear a ribbed condom. Want to feel more? Wear an Ultra Thin condom.

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Enjoy enhanced comfort and sensitivity, plus reduced friction. Both styles of condoms are lubricated.

Promescent condoms have a receptacle tip for easy clean up.

Receptacle Tip

No mess to clean up means a better experience for you and your partner. Both styles of condoms have a receptacle tip.

How to apply

promescent ribbed condoms stacked

Ribbed Condoms for Her Pleasure.

Who says you can’t feel anything when using a condom? Promescent® Ribbed Condoms incorporate ridges along the length of the condom that provide the user and their partner added sensations. You can now Make Love Safer™ without the loss of all sensation.

Promescent premium ribbed and ultra thin condoms on display in a lifestyle image.

Practice Safe Sex.

Promescent® Condoms Protect During Intimacy.

Promescent ultra thin condoms in hand

Do you want to feel more when wearing condoms?

Promescent® Premium Ultra Thin condoms are made with premium latex so that intimacy feels more natural. It's a perfect combination of pleasure and safety. Get Ultra Thin condoms to experience our thinnest condom yet.

Know the facts:

Condoms, when used properly and as directed are 95% effective at preventing pregnancy. Condoms also significantly reduce the risk of sexually transmitted infections.