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Feel More Natural

Premium thin latex that brings a more natural feeling during intimacy.

Promescent icon showing that the condoms come lubricated.


Enjoy enhanced comfort and sensitivity, plus reduced friction with pre-lubricated condoms. 

Promescent condoms have a receptacle tip for easy clean up.

Receptacle Tip

No mess to clean up means a better experience for you and your partner.

How to apply

An icon showing a Promescent condom being opened carefully.

Tear Wrapping

Choose a corner and carefully tear the wrapping until the lubricated condom is accessible.

An icon showing a Promescent condom with the receptacle tip facing up.

Position Receptacle Tip

To apply the condom correctly, make sure the receptacle tip is facing outwards and adjust accordingly.

An icon showing a condom being applied to a banana, which symbolizes a penis.

Apply Accordingly

Simply apply the condom to the penis and unroll until the head and shaft are fully covered.

Frequently Asked Questions

When unrolled at full length our condoms are approximately 7 inches (17.78 cm), but many users are able to use what they need without having to stretch to full length.

No, they do not contain spermicide. Generally, condoms are considered a good way to prevent pregnancy and do not need to contain spermicide to work effectively.

Yes, all Promescent condoms can be used with silicone-based, water-based or aloe-based lubricants.

No, none of our condoms contain a desensitizing agent. We found that 'delay condoms' do not work as well as sprays since you cannot control how much you apply or where the desensitizer ends up. In our opinion 'delay condoms' are not a viable way to help men last longer in bed any more so than what a standard condom would help with.

There are many STIs. A latex condom can reduce the risk of STI transmission to or from the head of the penis. However, some STIs can also spread by other sexual contact.

Absolutely. All items are shipped in a discreet manner and will arrive in a nondescript package without mention of the product’s name or our company anywhere on the packaging.

Ribbed condoms are meant for enhanced stimulation for her. Delicate ribbing along the length of the condom provides an intense and delightful sensation during penetrative sex.

promescent ultrathin condom behind the back

Ultra Thin Condoms to Keep Things Natural.

Who says you can’t feel anything when using a condom? Promescent® Ultra Thin condoms have a reduced wall thickness allowing for more feeling during intercourse. You can Make Love Safer™ without the loss of sensation!

Promescent premium ribbed and ultra thin condoms on display in a lifestyle image.

Practice Safe Sex.

Promescent® Condoms Protect During Intimacy.

Promescent ribbed condom in hand.

Want Her To Experience More Stimulation?

Maybe you’re looking to stay safe but want a different feeling while using condoms? Check out Promescent® Premium Ribbed Condoms. Our ribbed condoms have ridges along the condom allowing different sensations while staying safe. 

Know the Facts:

Condoms, when used properly and as directed are 95% effective at preventing pregnancy. Condoms also significantly reduce the risk of sexually transmitted infections*.