Promescent Customer Reviews

It’s time you discover some premature ejaculation product reviews and hear about the #1 selling spray for climax control.

Promescent, which is an FDA-compliant OTC topical spray has been used by thousands of people for years. Promescent is clinically proven to reduce sensitivity, treat premature ejaculation, and help men MAKE LOVE LONGER®. The following reviews are from actual customers, see for yourself!

Many couples discovered Promescent though the Dr. Oz show feature, and CNBC’s Jane Wells’ spotlight certainly helped to spread the word. Others may have read about it as the first delay spray with a published study in Nature. Although they may have referred to it as a premature ejaculation spray, think of it as a new and unique way for couples to make love longer and synchronize in the bedroom, so to speak.

Reviews are available so our readers can hear about a new way to approach orgasm or control their ejaculation. Testimonials have been submitted via email and are in their original form. Have a read, once again, we couldn’t be more proud of the results so far.

The Following Promescent Reviews are from Actual Customers

Scott G. <      > Sep 24, 2017

I just want to thank you for creating a perfect solution for my wife and I!!!!! This stuff is absolutely amazing!!!!! Before I would be doing good to last 30 seconds with this stuff the first time we tried it lasted about 30 minutes and could have went much longer if I wanted to. After my wife had the most amazing orgasm of her life I decided it was time for me and it was that easy. The sex still feels amazing for me and for her it was like she had a smile tattooed on her face. You have a new loyal customer in me. Again thank you so much for this product I had no idea I would ever be to make love like this.

Paul S. <      > Aug 25, 2017

I initially found Promescent on Amazon and purchased it through them. I thought I could get a better price going to your website so I started buying it directly through the company. It's a fantastic product and even though it is more expensive than other products it is absolutely worth it.

Don S. <> Sep 21, 2016

This stuff is just amazing, I went through 3 Trial Size bottles in 3 Weeks with my new girlfriend, she has never ever had so many orgasms where she was saying stop stop. I need to get more and it was really great for myself by being able to get her off before me for once and every time I used it. Thank You so much for this product and now you've just made it so much easier to get. I'm heading to Rite Aid next Tuesday as soon as they Open... A VERY VERY SATISFIED HAPPY MAN YOU HAVE MADE ME....OH AND MY NEW GIRLFRIEND TOO.......

Steve S. <> 9/27/16
My name is Steve. I am 40 years old.
How has Promescent helped me? To state it simply: Promescent has allowed me to last longer. My wife is able to enjoy the sensation of our lovemaking for longer than 30 seconds. Now sex lasts as long as foreplay, sometimes longer. Promescent has given me confidence, and we have even tried new positions because I know I will last longer. No longer do my wife and I end our lovemaking sessions frustrated. We end them satisfied, exhilarated, breathless. We have regained our intimacy. Sex is just so much enjoyable for the both of us now.

Nathan <> 6/17/14

I'm 42 years old and have been married for almost 19 years. I've tried EVERYTHING for my PE, and have searched online for solutions for many years. I've even used condoms with numbing agents in them, which worked but totally numbed me up and it wasn't pleasurable for me at all. Often times it would take me much longer to finish than it did for my wife, and that wasn't good either.

I bought Promescent 2 weeks ago, in a desperate attempt to find something that worked. I was unsure of its strength, and used 7 pumps the first time, just to be safe. Bad idea. Numb is numb and I was numb. Then I watched the video on how to apply it, tried 3 pumps, and put it on the area recommended by the video. That was the perfect dosage, and it didn't numb me up. I was able to enjoy every second, but last as long as needed for my wife to not only reach her peak, but to stay at an intense level for several minutes. It was the best sex we've had since we were in college. Best of all, there is no transference of the numbing effect. I was on cloud 9 when we were done. I feel like a kid again. This is a miracle drug! Is there a way to get a discount on a bulk purchase? :)
Nathan R

Thanh O.<> 9/26/16
Hi, I have been using Promescent since March 2016 this year. It worked great exactly like it said. It changed my sex life and making more confidence to satisfy my wife. Definitely prolongs sex more than 15 times that I used to be with just 2 sprays.
Thanks,  Thanh O., 56

Juan F. <> 9/25/16
Age 32, Colorado
It has been a great product for us. My wife loves that I can go longer with out her losing any feeling on her part. It is an awesome product!

James J. <> 10/3/16
My name is James. I am 46 y/o and I live in Texas.
I have always had a problem with PME. But it seems that its more a problem as I get older. When I was younger I was always able to keep going after ejaculation up to the point of mutual satisfaction.
As I have gotten older that has not been the case as the little guy just cant stay up and tough it out anymore.
Believe me I have tried every recommendation known to Man but to no avail. The only times I was able to hold on and stay in the 'race" was either when I consumed mass amounts of alcohol or when I was on the antidepressant Paxil. My Dr suggested it as one of the side effects was delayed ejaculation so we gave it a try and it did work. Problem was I did not suffer from depression and so the dosage required to get me to a satisfactory point of delay was so much that it more or less made me a zombie. To which at that point sex was not a real point of interest. So once I dosed down from Paxil my Dr recommended Promescent and bingo, I was in the game.
As a man I struggled with not being able to satisfy my wife thru intercourse. Granted we had lots of fun finding other ways to get her there, or get her to the point of almost there and then I would hop in to finish the job and more times than not it would be a mutual well timed orgasmic experience. But even though we were able to both get there, it still ate at me and in some ways I developed a complex about it. My wife was always gracious about it and again, she was still satisfied, but I felt a little lesser of a man.
So when I started using the spray (and got the dosage down correctly) the pride came back. I can now hang in there from start to finish. And depending on the dosage I can prepare (and deliver) a marathon session or short sprint session depending depending on the mood to which she loves. I guess in someways it keeps her guessing but one thing is we can still do all the foreplay we did before but now the actual lovemaking is the next dish vs. the appetizer.

Mike S. <>  5/11/15
Parcel arrived and I read through the literature. Has said date on Sunday and was a little nervous. Date went better than expected and soon realized sex was on her mind, just as much as it was on mine. Three squirts of Promescent, rubbed it in and waited ten minutes. Best performance of my career. Normally cum within the first 30 seconds of penetration, but with this stuff, it must have taken me a good 15 minutes to cum. She came and was quite impressed with my love making. I didn't think I could go a second round, but after some coaxing from her, went again and had another good round. Didn't cum for at least ten minutes. That stuff is gold and has restored my sanity as well as give me my sex life back. needless to say, I now have a second date. Thank you so much. You can't imagine how much this means to me. i can finally function like a normal man and now, she thinks I'm a fantastic lover. Thank you, thank you, thank you. 

Steven S. <> 9/24/16
My name is Steven and I live in Northern Nevada. I am 51 years old and I heard about your product through a podcast. I don’t have a problem every time, but when I do, I seem to want to apologize to my wife. After using Promescent, I am able to stay in the game for a greater period of time and it seems to make my wife very happy. Thank you

Thad N. <> 9/24/16
Hi, Promescent has been a sex life miracle for my girlfriend and I!!! Since we've been using it, I can last much longer than usual and it has then help me build confidence. No more stress! It is so easy to use. I can at last enjoy a great sex life without worrying... "How long am I a going to last tonight?", "Will I last long enough so she will be able to have an orgasm?" "Are we going to be frustrated tonight?" Nooo more. Promescent is that good. Thank you for having created this product. I am grateful. It has helped me alot.
Thank you ! Thad, age 40

Tom G. <> 1/2/15

I am just dropping a quick note to endorse your product. I was skeptical, but when I read it was endorsed by the FDA, I decided to try the trial size. I have used it three times now, 3 sprays each time with amazing results. My wife had not had a true vaginal orgasm in 15 years, due to my "quickness". The other night we went over 14 minutes with her ending in a deep vaginal orgasm. Funny thing, I wasn't finished yet. We had to try another position for about 3 more minutes for me to finish. It was quite a boost to my confidence levels with her. You probably get a lot of these notes, but I just wanted to endorse each time we have used it, we have had a very extended time of lovemaking. It also did not completely numb me either, just helped tone it down to last longer. I also add we did wait the 15 minutes each time, and had no transfer effect to her, she still had full sensitivity. Very effective product! I have since purchased a full size bottle. A big help to our sexual relationship!

Wes S. <> 9/28/16
I received my first bottle of Promescent about 10 days ago. I used it the next day after receiving it and the results were amazing. I had much greater control and was able to last much longer than most times. I am sold on your product and will continue to use it. Thank you very much for helping me be a much better lover for my wife.

Neil D. <> 10/4/16
Neil D., age 25, Drpaer, UT
How Promescent has helped me #MakeLoveLonger:
When asked about sex, most women (whether single or attached) will often describe their sex lives as one of two categories: Either extremely passionate and irresistible or dreadfully boring and unstimulating. I can guarantee that if you ask the women that I slept with prior to finding Promescent, they would rank me in the latter, without hesitation.
Ever since my early curiosity days, I've been notorious for getting too overly excited in sexual situations. There is no worse feeling in the world than when you find a girl that you genuinely like, but when you take her back to your bedroom that chemistry and spark you once had quickly dissipates. This has happened to me numerous times and because of these bad experiences, I had lost all hope.
I think the hardest part of my situation was hiding my imperfection from future women I had met. It is surprisingly easy for me to engage and talk to women, which is rather ironic, but when the sexual desire began increasing between the two of us, I would always pull away and distance myself with senseless and idiotic excuses. This happened for quite a while and over this self-centered period of time, I realized that I was truly hurting the feelings of the women that I was seeing because not only was I was wasting their precious time and effort, I was ruining their self-confidence. In my mind I thought it was for the best because who would want to get involved with a man who couldn't satisfy their woman's essential sexual impulses and desires?
I tried countless different remedies from entirely different cultures and even though they were ALL advertised to guarantee optimum performance, I found myself feeling more embarrassed and humiliated than I was before I tried them. I was lost, scared, and extremely worried that I (and many other guys like me) may never find a cure for this issue that was ruining my life. By some miracle I was up late studying for an exam one night and somehow found myself browsing the web on StumbleUpon and came across a blog that changed my life forever.
It was a blog/review of this new FDA approved spray that helps men with P.E last longer in bed. I usually just ignore these types of ads because of all the bad experiences I have personally had, but this blog was different. I could relate to the author's struggles personally and the language it was written in captured my attention. The author didn't care if you bought this product or not, he just wanted to proclaim his honest opinion of how after many years of trying useless P.E products he can now finally stop searching.
I was hooked. I ordered this cream before I even got to the bottom of his blog. It arrived a few days later, and I can safely say my life has not been the same since. The many years of failure, embarrassment, and heartbreak are finally over. I described earlier how there is no worse feeling than not being good enough for your partner, and truthfully, I have no recognition of what that feeling feels like anymore. Since I've started using the miracle spray of Promescent, women tell me how amazingly satisfying I am, how they just want to stay in bed with me all day, and how I've lasted longer than any of their other partners they've been with. There is no greater feeling....
I now have a girlfriend who I've been with for a little while and being able to make love to her and satisfy her desires before mine is something that I will sincerely enjoy forever. After many years of being the one who ALWAYS finishes first, taking care and deeply satisfying the one you love is what is truly stimulating. Promescent has changed my life and I am truly grateful for all those who took part in designing this product. The confidence that it brings to me on a daily basis makes me feel so incredibly rejuvenated and alive, and with this product I guarantee I will forever be ready to #MakeLoveLonger.

Thank you so much for reading and sorry for the long essay, there's just so many positive things to say! I deeply congratulate all those who contributed to your historic one million bottle milestone! What a fantastic achievement! It will reach two million before you know it ;) I have nothing but good things to say about Promescent because it has honestly changed my life in ways I could never have imagined. You have a customer for life!
Again, thank you so much!!

Devon B. <> 9/24/16
My name is Devon, I'm 58 years old. I have been struggling with premature ejaculation for as long as I can remember. Promescent is the best I have come across. It's so great, it's changed my sex life from 30 seconds to 15 minutes, isn't that great?

Lou S. <> 9/21/16
Good morning, I literally can't last for more than 10 seconds without your product. It is the most embarrassing and emasculating feeling to be a man who consistently disappoints his wife sexually.
Lou, age 38, aka 2 pump

Michael <> 9/11/15

I already had a good "sex life" with my wife (of 10+ years), as I had learned to compensate for my PE by making sure to pleasure her (Cunnilingus) first. I know that she appreciated that, but at the same time there was something missing. I, like many I am sure, has spent a long time searching for some way of lasting longer.
I tried everything and somethings helped - but either penetration or BJs maximum time (at contact) was between 1-2 minutes (sometimes 4 if I got lucky). There is an area of my penis (right below the head underneath side) that is so damn sensitive that I just go off - if it is stimulated for any length of time. Even a slight breeze across that sensitive area could get me off (just kidding) - just trying to make a point.
I got a trial size of Promescent and everything changed. The first time I used it, I waited about 5 minutes and then started with about 5 minutes of foreplay and then pleasured her (cunnilingus), as I had little hope of Promescent. Like the many products before - I expected an extra minute or so and had little faith.
I looked at the clock, just for my own curiosity, when the physical contact (penis) started - it was 12:42. I got so caught up in everything, multiple positions, etc. that when we finished it was 12:54 (12 minutes). Wow - I couldn't believe it. My wife whispered afterwards - that was awesome. She had multiple organisms (not just from my pre-penetration cunnilingus offering), this time it included one from penetration (which has been a long time since that happened). It gave me an extra 10+ minutes of full-contact the very first time I used it.
I have since ordered (full size) Promescent and our sex life has gone to new levels that I never thought we would ever get to. We have had several 15+ minutes sessions once physical contact is made with my penis (BJs & penetration). I am now thinking, with Kegel exercises and Promescent that 20+ minute sessions and beyond are reachable.
The fact was - it was just one small section on my shaft that was über sensitive. Focusing Promescent on that area has done the trick.
Also - NO transfer to the wife - just make sure you wipe everything off after you let it soak in. I usually wait 10 minutes, wipe off, and start the foreplay. The waiting period is a great time for foreplay as well.
Thank you .... seriously.

Louis S. <> 10/4/16
LOUIS, age 25, Florida. Promescent has changed the way how I have sex with my girlfriend, she's able to reach climax around 5 times before I'm able to reach climax. Thank you so much for such an incredible product

Robin M. <> 9/30/16
Robin, age 30, Ontario
Promescent is really a god sent. It has brought the life back into my sex life and into my marriage. I have to say my wife loves the product more than I do (understandably so!). I have tried other products in the past and they do not come close to comparison. What I love about Promescent is that it doesn't numb me up like the other products do. It allows me to last while at the same time allowing me to feel the pleasure as well.
Thank you.

Corey C. <> 10/1/16

My name is Corey, I am in CA, and 40 years of age. As most men I enjoy sex, and wanted to make it last much longer prolonging my enjoyment as well as my SO. So I did some research and found your product. It looked very promising so I bought a bottle, and it doubled the duration! I am a fan for life, and although I dont use it every time it does come out for those super special occasions. Your product really works!

Ryan C. < 10/2/16
My name is Ryan. I am 37 years old and purchased Promescent to help with PE issues. I started used with the recommended usage of 4 sprays and found a match of between 5 to 6 spray to be best suited. This product allowed me the pleasure of maintaining my erection while still feeling the pleasures (compared to total numbness with stud) without coming quickly as I often did bef36ore using the product. I now enjoy approx. 7 to 10 minutes of great sex of which I am happier compared to before. 
Thank you

Zuber <> 9/23/16
My name is Zuber and i am 52 years old. I was very much dissatisfied with my sex life, since past 2-3 years. Not sure what caused this degrade in my strength and ability to stay strong for longer time and stop premature ejaculation. I reached out to my doctor, who recommend to try Promescent. First I was hesitant, to use it, but my doctor told me it is safe.
I made a purchase, and to my surprise, it has done miracle in my sex life. In my follow up with doctor, this is what i said to him "I had a best sex of my life, after using Promescent". It helped decentralize the area, which helps me enjoy sex longer. I wasn't able to last no more than few minutes, now I can sustain as long as I want. To me this is a Miracle, it has satisfied me more than ever, and my wife is very happy, and more loving. I have sex more often than i used to. It give me sense of power owning the bed, when i am using Promescent. I can eject when I desire and not to worry about premature ejaculation.
I used last spray of my bottle last night. I was so much thinking about making another purchase. Availability in rite-aide store makes it even easier and accessible.
I can't thank Promescent maker enough, for bring back smile and happiness in our life.
Thanks You

James C. < 9/27/16
Having developed Type 2 Diabetes over the past 3 years, now at 53,
I have enjoyed the best sex of my life. My Wife is an incredibly fit Younger woman. With a few sprays of Promescent I can pleasure her better than when I was 25-30. Because I can often last longer than her. I’ve been using this product for 3 years and recommend to anyone. It takes a little while to fiqure the perfect sprays for each individual, but, It’s a game gamer in the bedroom. Thanks to this product, I have a great deal of confidence and I love when my wife wins 1st.

Paul M. <> 9/21/16
Hello my name is paul I am 48 and have struggled with pe for many years over that time I have tried many treatments but I have to say nothing has "cum" close to the power of promescent it has changed minel and my wife's sex life it has given me the confidence to be the lover I've always wanted to be ,so I would like to congratulate you and your team for saving mine and probably countless others relationships.
Thank you, Paul

John F. <> 12/11/15
Customer Service:
I think this will add to the long line of other 'Testimonials', I just read on your site. My history: I have been happily married to my wife for over 15 years. However, from day 1 I struggled with PE. I couldn't last 20 seconds. At first I was in denial, then I wised up. I tried to find solutions. But I couldn't find anything that worked. I too tried a lot of options. One doctor put me on depression pills. We tried the 'Stop Start', 'Squeeze' , Kegel exercises (I still do Kegel) and on and on. I hated this struggle! I killed my confidence in the bedroom and we'd be frustrated.I would give up for awhile and then I'd feel bad for my wife and I'd go researching option again. I tried the 'Custom Blend' shots and it didn't work and my wife didn't like me putting needles in my penis too.
Anyway, I was in one of those cycle of trying to find a solutions and I came across Promescent. And I only ordered a trial size, because I thought here goes another waste of $20, but I needed to try it because I really wanted to solve this problem.
So far, you have solved my problem.
In fact the biggest compliment of all, came from my patient wife. This week she said and I quote "that (Promescent) deserves a review". She told me I should go out to the site & write a product review. We both agreed it was working and sex was so much better since I tried Promescent. We've been using it for about 2 months and I held back on concluding it worked until it worked multiple times and it has.
Thank you,

Neham N. <> 10/4/16
Great A+++ and Highly Recommended Promescent
I am Neham and currently living in Texas. I have started using Promescent product for 2 years and it works very well for the first time. I am so undoubtful that Promescent can absorb and affect very quickly without any side effect. My girlfriend loves me more than ever after I use it. I really appreciate Promescent for making our love stronger.
Best regards


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