Promescent Reviews

Promescent, which is an FDA-compliant over-the-counter topical spray, has been used by thousands of satisfied people throughout the United States. Promescent is clinically proven to reduce sensitivity, treat premature ejaculation, and help men MAKE LOVE LONGER®.

But don’t just take our word for it. Read on to discover what people are saying about the #1 selling spray for climax control and see real Promescent reviews before trying Promescent yourself.

Promescent vs. Other Treatments

There are many products that claim to offer men more control during sex. From last-longer-in-bed creams to herbal or pharmaceutical pills, to clumsy penis wipes, and last longer sprays, it’s difficult to know what to choose when you’ve got so much riding on it.

The truth is, most options have a downside. Some treatments, like herbal pills, have never been proven to work. Other effective pills such as Dapoxetine and Priligy need a prescription, but most importantly come with a host of side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, and even loss of sex drive - so what’s the point?

Many options take time to take effect - some premature ejaculation creams and wipes take 45 minutes and can be messy, while oral pills can take several days to take consistent effect. There’s nothing like a long wait to ruin the mood.


Stud 100®

K-Y Duration™

Dynamo™ Delay



Well recognized by the medical communityYesNoNo NoNoNo
Made In the USYesUKThailandYesUKYes
Published academic studiesYesNoNoNoYesYes
Low Side effectsYesYesYesYesYesYes
* Sprays who do not have a eutectic formulation have a higher chance of infiltrating in the underlying tissue and bloodstream. Therefore, the user looses sensitivity over a much greater area then that were the product is applied, often creating a numbing sensation. A eutectic formulation keeps the API at a very limited area, allowing the users to benefit from the delaying effect, without sacrificing sensitivity outside the application area.

Effective Control, Without All the Side Effects

Promescent's only active ingredient is lidocaine, which is tolerated well by most people. Unlike any other lidocaine delay sprays such as Stud 100® or K-Y Duration™, or Preboost® which uses benzocaine, Promescent has TargetZone™ technology. When applied correctly, Promescent adjusts sensitivity to your penis without transferring to your partner. It gives you control with next-to-normal sensitivity. So you get to last longer in bed and feel great doing it.

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Promescent Spray Reviews from Real Customers

The following reviews are from actual customers, see for yourself!

Thanh O.<> 9/26/16
Hi, I have been using Promescent since March 2016 this year. It worked great exactly like it said. It changed my sex life and making more confidence to satisfy my wife. Definitely prolongs sex more than 15 times that I used to be with just 2 sprays.
Thanks,  Thanh O., 56

Devon B. <> 9/24/16
My name is Devon, I'm 58 years old. I have been struggling with premature ejaculation for as long as I can remember. Promescent is the best I have come across. It's so great, it's changed my sex life from 30 seconds to 15 minutes, isn't that great?

Ryan C. < 10/2/16
My name is Ryan. I am 37 years old and purchased Promescent to help with PE issues. I started used with the recommended usage of 4 sprays and found a match of between 5 to 6 spray to be best suited. This product allowed me the pleasure of maintaining my erection while still feeling the pleasures (compared to total numbness with stud) without coming quickly as I often did bef36ore using the product. I now enjoy approx. 7 to 10 minutes of great sex of which I am happier compared to before. 
Thank you

James C. < 9/27/16
Having developed Type 2 Diabetes over the past 3 years, now at 53,
I have enjoyed the best sex of my life. My Wife is an incredibly fit Younger woman. With a few sprays of Promescent I can pleasure her better than when I was 25-30. Because I can often last longer than her. I’ve been using this product for 3 years and recommend to anyone. It takes a little while to fiqure the perfect sprays for each individual, but, It’s a game gamer in the bedroom. Thanks to this product, I have a great deal of confidence and I love when my wife wins 1st.

In the News

PE in men is no longer something to be shy or embarrassed about. Especially when there is something you can do about it! People are talking and excited to find out there is something that will make you and your partner much, much happier in the bedroom. Below are just a few of the mentions and highlights of Promescent in the news.

The Doctors. Promescent helps men to last longer in bed and bring full sexual satisfaction their partners. It's easy to use, low cost per use and is the only over-the-counter medication clinically proven to be effective for ejaculation delay.
For men who lasted only "seconds", 
Promescent can extend the time before they ejaculate to almost 4 minutes.

Men'sHealth article on Promescent.
"You can adjust the amount ...
... and it won't transfer to your partner"

CNBC Promescent
"MOVE OVER, VIAGRA, There's a new sex
drug in town...Many men are now buying
Promescent not to treat PE, but to last longer."

National Post Promescent.
"Spray for treating premature ejaculation to usurp Viagra as the world's favourite sex drug."
Cosmopolitan article about Promescent.
"Stop Your Man's Premature Ejaculation"
"4 Ways to Make Him Last Longer"
CNN story on Promescent.
"Effectively decreases penile sensitivity without transmitting
any of the agent to a man's partner."
Esquire article on Promescent.
"Promescent is widely known in the urology community...but is now making its way into the general public as a sexual enhancer."
The Atlantic article on Promescent.

"Promescent provides optimum surface sensation"

Chicago Sun-Times article on Promescent.
"Promescent's formulation allows the
medication to penetrate beneath the
skin to the nerve endings...his partner
still has full sexual sensation."
Playboy Radio agrees.

"Promescent is one of the few sexual
enhancement products on the market
that is backed by numerous urologists."

Glamour Promescent.
"Recently, you might've seen a product
called "Promescent" 
in the news.
It's a spray for guys to put on their junk that can help them
last longer in bed. And it's making a bold claim:
that it can close the orgasm gap."
Men's Fitness Promescent article
"Use it 10 minutes before sex and double your staying power."
Women's Health Promescent article
If you've ever had sex with a guy who finishes too quickly,
you know how much of a bummer it can be for both of you.

Many couples originally discovered Promescent through a feature on the Dr. Oz show. CNBC’s Jane Wells’ spotlight certainly helped to spread the word too. Others may have read about it as the first delay spray with a study published in Nature. No matter how you first heard about Promescent, you’ll be glad you did when you try it. Think of it as a new and unique way for you and your partner to synchronize in the bedroom and MAKE LOVE LONGER®.