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Below are stories, often life-changing,from some of our customers. We're thrilled to have helped these men, their partners, and thousands of others.  We left the emails in original form so that you can see them as they arrived to us.




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The Bubba Radio Network, Tampa Florida

The Bubba Radio Network provides a nationally syndicated talk/entertainment radio show based in Tampa, Florida. Bubba The Love Sponge(r), the host, provides content with experts and professionals to address the needs and questions of his listeners. One of those experts is Dr. Mark Swierzewski (aka Dr. Mark). He is a board-certified urologist located in Tampa Florida and has been a regular guest for over a decade discussing men's sexual health issues. After having great success with Promescent in his practice for men with premature ejaculation, Dr. Mark discussed the product on a program in April of 2013. In a subsequent broadcast on Dr. Mark's specialty (On Call with Dr. Mark) weekly broadcast on, a listener called to tell his brief story of his success with Promescent.

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Gary Pharris, age 49, is a real user of Promescent.




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