Climax Control Spray

Make Love Longer®

It isn’t just a spray to help you last longer in bed. It’s a way to slow down the clock, giving you more time to play, more time to explore, and more time to discover new levels of intimacy with your partner. Recommended by over 2,200 Urologists, you can be certain Promescent Climax Control Spray will take your love life to new levels.

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Personal Lubricants

Make Love Smoother™

Incredible sex is just a squeeze away. Premium lubricants offer comfort for both you and your partner during any intimate activity - or try it solo for mind-blowing masturbation. Paraben free and safe to use with condoms get ready to enhance your sexual experience with a partner or alone.

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Make Love Safer™

Safety is sexy! Condoms and great sex don't have to be mutually exclusive. Promescent premium condoms are designed to increase stimulation and feel more natural for both partners during intercourse. Lubricated for enhanced comfort and sensitivity with receptacle tip, so clean up is quick and easy.

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Make Love Healthier™

Suffering from erectile dysfunction, weak or hard to gain erections,  low libido, or poor circulation? You need a bottle of VitaFLUX in your medicine cabinet! Clinically proven to support sexual and circulatory health with L-arginine and other key amino acids that elevate nitric oxide levels in the body.  


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