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PE in men is no longer something to be shy or embarrassed about.
Especially when there is something you do about it!
People are talking and excited to find out there is something that
will make you and your partner much, much happier in the bedroom!

The Doctors. Promescent helps men to last longer in bed and bring full sexual satisfaction their partners. It's easy to use, low cost per use and is the only over-the-counter medication clinically proven to be effective for ejaculation delay.
For men who lasted only "seconds", 
Promescent can extend the time 
they ejaculate to almost 4 minutes.

Men'sHealth article on Promescent.
"You can adjust the amount ...
... and it won't transfer to your partner"

CNBC Promescent
"MOVE OVER, VIAGRA, There's a new sex
drug in town...Many men are now buying
Promescent not to treat PE, but to last longer."

National Post Promescent.
"Spray for treating premature ejaculation to
usurp Viagra as the world's favourite sex drug."
Cosmopolitan article about Promescent.
"Stop Your Man's Premature Ejaculation"
"4 Ways to Make Him Last Longer"
CNN story on Promescent.
"Effectively decreases penile
sensitivity without transmitting
any of the agent to a man's partner."
Esquire article on Promescent.
"Promescent is widely known in the urology community...but is now making its way into the general public as a sexual enhancer."
The Atlantic article on Promescent.

"Promescent provides optimum
surface sensation"

Chicago Sun-Times article on Promescent.
"Promescent's formulation allows the
medication to penetrate beneath the
skin to the nerve endings...his partner
still has full sexual sensation."
Playboy Radio agrees.

"Promescent is one of the few sexual
enhancement products on the market
that is backed by numerous urologists."
Glamour Promescent.
"Recently, you might've seen a product
called "Promescent" 
in the news.
It's a spray for guys to put on their junk that can help them
last longer in bed. And it's making a bold claim:
that it can close the orgasm gap."
Men's Fitness Promescent article
"Use it 10 minutes before sex and double your staying power"
Women's Health Promescent article
If you've ever had sex with a guy who finishes too quickly,
you know how much of a bummer it can be for both of you.

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