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Promescent and PSD 502 (TEMPE Spray)

Only two products have a eutectic formula that can control premature ejaculation - Promescent and PSD 502 Tempe Spray.  PSD 502 is not yet available anywhere. The FDA has declined approval in the United States.

The topical spray PSD 502 (TEMPE) has yet to receive regulatory approval by the FDA for the treatment of premature ejaculation. This is in spite of multiple studies showing excellent efficacy and no episodes of significant side effects. Because Dapoxetine, the oral agent currently available in several countries is also yet to receive FDA approval, both physicians and patients in North America are in a difficult situation regarding treatment options for what some feel is the most common sexual disorder in men. What made PSD 502 unique among ED treatment options was the fact that unlike other topical therapies containing lidocaine alone, PSD 502 TEMPE spray contained eutectic absorption technology that significantly enhanced its efficacy compared to other topical agents. The remaining topical therapies available do not use this technology and have never been shown in clinical studies to be efficacious.

Promescent, a topical, metered dose spray, contains eutectic absorption technology similar to what is seen in PSD 502 Tempe Spray. However, because Promescent does not contain prilocaine, it is available as an over the counter product under FDA monograph 21 CFR 248. Promescent has many similarities to PSD 502, including the route of administration (metered dose spray), prompt onset of action (10 minutes) and in preliminary clinical experience the product has shown excellent efficacy and minimal side effects. Unlike PSD 502 Promescent is available legally in North America and does not require a prescription.

Promescent / PSD 502 Tempe Spray vs. Other Delay Creams, Delay Sprays and Delay Gels

Promescent and PSD 502 Tempe Spray have eutectic absoprtion technology. None of the other delay creams, delay sprays and delay gels have this capability. These products fall into the class of "penis numbing sprays and creams". With these other products, you risk greatly reduced sexual pleasure and transference to your partner.