How To Use Promescent

So, you’re about to put yourself in the driver’s seat and really control when that tidal wave of an orgasm arrives.  Promescent is the market leader in the form of a penis spray, so let’s take you through just how easy it is to use Promescent.

First up:  Just spray on the underside of the head of your penis, and some on the underside shaft as well‐its most sensitive area.  Apply three or more sprays but no more than 10.  You don’t have to be fully erect, but it works equally well if you are.  You can experiment with how many sprays is perfect for you.  Start with three sprays in a smaller area, and then experiment, depending on your sensitivity level.  After a few tries, you’ll know how many sprays translates into how many oohs and ahhhs in the bedroom.  Our TargetZone™ technology means you’re in control, and is one of the reasons it’s the best delay spray on the market.

How to Use Promescent 1

Next: Simply rub it in a small almond-sized circle, until it’s fully absorbed into the skin.  In fact, the rubbing part can be fun too, so some of you may make it a part of foreplay, which is pretty hot in itself.  Try not to rub it all over the place.  We want to stay targeted so it gets down to the nerve endings, and helps steer when you want that big orgasm to drop.

How to Use Promescent 2

Finally: Wait 5-10 minutes until it’s fully absorbed into your skin.  It’s the perfect time to engage in a little foreplay and get revved up for a great session in the sack.  Promescent is additional help so you can orgasm a little later, right around the time she goes over the top.  Remember, we’ve designed this formula so it’s not only about premature ejaculation.  It’s also for couples who already really rumble under the sheets, and want to get even better.

How to Use Promescent 3

That’s it: experiment with it and you’ll both love where it takes you!

With Promescent, you can FORGET anything thing else you’ve tried.  Whether it be a desensitizing cream, penis numbing cream, or any other penis spray or pre-ejaculation pills (some call it a pe spray, or dick spray).

Promescent is the first and only spray for premature ejaculation or climax control that has received the full endorsement from thousands of urologists and sexologists. 

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