Why Should I Use Promescent Lubricant During Sex Or Masturbation?

Personal lubricants, sometimes referred to as personal lube, can reduce friction and provide comfort during sexual activity for men and for women. Our premium personal lubricants have been specially formulated to help you enjoy a more satisfying experience with intercourse or masturbation.

Can I Use Promescent Premium Lubricants with my Sex Toys?

Our water-based lubricant can be used with any sex toy, including vibrators. The organic aloe-based lubricant can be used on most toys, including silicone.

*Silicone lube can be used on any toy Except Silicone Toys.

Will Promescent Sexual lubricants stain my sheets?

Silicone lube may cause staining to furniture, upholstery, clothes, sheets, and certain fabrics like satin. Our water lube and organic aloe lube will not stain. The residue from these intimate lubricants can be removed by a wash cycle.

Are these lubricants pH balanced?

Promescent Premium lubricants are pH balanced to avoid negatively impacting vagina health. The Arousal line of product (warming & Buzzing) are NOT pH Balanced.

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