Promescent Editorial Policy

The Promescent team is wholly committed to delivering trustworthy, accurate, and unbiased sexual health and wellness information to our audience.

We greatly appreciate our readers and welcome all interest in our editorial process.

Whether readers are searching for science-backed sexual health information regarding specific conditions or simple tips to enhance sexual experiences, Promescent works hard to deliver.

Sourcing accurate sexual health information is important, so we strive to ensure everything our readers access on our site is relevant, reliable, and helpful.

Additionally, gaining the deserved trust of our audience is our priority.

Therefore, we are pleased to openly disclose our editorial process and policy below.

Content Creation and Review Process

Promescent is a leader in the field of sexual health and wellness.

We pride ourselves on striving to make sure that the content we produce meets four important standards, such as being:

  • Accurate and evidence-based
  • Up to date and timely
  • Inclusive and empathetic
  • Easily understood

All articles we create are produced because they offer timely, relevant information to our readers.

Articles are submitted to our board of doctors and sexual experts to ensure accuracy, readability, and health literacy before publication on the Promescent website.

Further, we regularly update our content so it aligns with the latest available information.

Our Editorial Team

All Promescent content is written as a joint effort between medical professionals and our editorial team.

We trust only experienced professionals and provide ongoing guidance to ensure content quality is retained over the long term.

Our writers produce unbiased, observational information inclusive of all people.

Each piece of content is also carefully edited, checked for accuracy, and polished before publication to ensure readers have access to the most upstanding articles.

Our Sexual Health Experts

At Promescent, empowerment and safety when it comes to sexual health are our top priorities.

Therefore, all Promescent content is assessed by our team of sexual health experts, including board-certified urologists, members of the American Urological Association, clinical professors, psychologists, and sexual health counselors.

From ideation to ensure we cover the most timely topics to reviewing older content for accuracy, our experts have a hand in every step of our editorial process.

Feel free to meet our medical advisory team and look at their credentials by taking a look at the "About Us" section of our website.

Reference and Source Links to External Sites

In our articles, we provide links to external websites that cite studies and articles.

Our team follows stringent sourcing guidelines, drawing from sources such as academic research, medical and news pieces, and peer-reviewed studies.

Promescent is not responsible for the content on the websites we link to.

However, we do periodically check those links to ensure the continued function and safety of the site, as well as the validity of the information provided there.

Monitoring the Timeliness and Currency of Content

The sexual health and wellness community is continually bringing forth new information that the public deserves to have access to.

At Promescent, our team of professionals continually monitors the sexual health and wellness news channels to grasp new information as it becomes available.

All of our articles are checked for modern accuracy periodically, but updates may also occur when new information emerges about sexual health standards of care or recommendations.

Promescent Editorial Style and Voice

At Promescent, we go to great lengths to ensure our content is clear, easy to read, and concise so that each piece is easily understood by readers of all backgrounds.

Our style and tone are built around using a combination of conversational tone for reliability and straightforward facts harvested from research.

While we do occasionally use medical terminology in our content, we also take steps to simplify that terminology for the sake of clarity and understanding.

Likewise, when covering sexual health topics with non-medical terminologies, we ensure readers fully understand the words and concepts used in each article.

Gender Inclusive and Conscious Language

To ensure that readers can find health information that is relevant to their identities and experiences, Promescent uses gender-inclusive and conscious language.

Conscious language means we remain conscious of how specific types of language can be oppressive to some individuals and groups of people.

We constantly strive to provide the most inclusive experience that we can for all of our readers, so all of our writing and editing processes reflect that.

This includes continuously updating our content to make sure that our content is as up-to-date and conscious as possible.

We Welcome Your Feedback As One of Our Readers

When you come to Promescent for sexual wellness news, guidance, and information, we want you to walk away with a positive experience.

Therefore, if you think we could do better, let us know.

Reach out to us at Promescent if you have comments about content accuracy, comments about our editorial process, or even if you spot something out of place.

We'd love to hear from you.