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bananas creaming on donuts to simulate ejaculation

Find Out How To Cum Slower In this Handy Guide

If you have been searching for how to cum slower, then we have some great news for you. This hands on guide will have you lasting longer in no time.
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Woman on bed ready for BDSM session

What is BDSM? The What is, Should You, and How to Guide

Have you been curious about BDSM, but too embarrassed to ask. Well don't worry, Promescent has you covered.
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Guide to female ejacualtion

Female Ejaculation: The Facts, Myths, and Potential Benefits

Ejaculation during sex is not guaranteed for every woman. It's thought that only about 69% of women can do it. Some women do it and don't even know, while others can ejaculate on demand. In any case, just trying to make it happen is a lot of fun.

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Man stretching exercise band to symbolize jelqing

Jelqing: Stretching Exercises For Increased Penis Length  

If you're bothered about your size or the curvature of your penis, speak with your doctor and maybe give jelqing a try.
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Prostate milking demonstrated on vegetable

Prostate Milking: A Getting Started Guide

Prostate milking has always been a taboo subject, but thanks to modern media, some of those old stereotypes are falling away. Find out why so many straight men are playing with their P-Spot nowadays.
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Circumcised vs uncircumcised represented with bananas

Circumcised Vs Uncircumcised: Risks, Benefits, and What to Expect

Whether you're considering circumcision for your newborn son or thinking about circumcision for yourself as an adult, the final decision should be made according to your personal views and the medical advice of your doctor.
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