What can I use Promescent Before and After wipes to clean?

Promescent Before and After hygiene wet wipes can be used to clean sexual organs for men and women. These wipes for adults can also be used to clean your face and hands to maintain your personal hygiene. Before and after wipes can help simplify your personal cleansing routine.

Is Promescent Toy Cleaner safe to use with all sex toys?

Promescent toy cleaner is safe to use on any dildo or vibrator made of glass, silicone, or other materials.

Will the Lorals for Protection line protect me against STIs and STDs?

The Lorals for Protection line does offer protection against STIs and STDs. Our Lorals for Pleasure & Comfort line does not offer protection against STIs and STDs.

How does the Lorals for Protection line work?

Loral for Protection is a latex underwear for women that creates a thin barrier between you and your partner. Your partner can feel you lick and touch them without skin to skin contact, and without concern for getting an STD or STI.

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