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delay spray

Applying Promescent Delay Spray is quick and easy - in fact over 95% of our users agree that application is simple and does not interfere with the overall sexual experience. 

Paso 1: Shake the bottle gently before each use.

Paso 2: Apply 3-10 sprays to the most sensitive parts of the penis. This consists of the frenulum, as well as the underside of the glans (head) and shaft of the penis.

Paso 3: Wait 5-15 minutes or until the treated area has dried completely. 

That's it! It's really that simple. 

Consejo nº 1: Try different amounts of spray until you find what works for you. Some of our users only need 1-2 sprays to get the job done, while others need upwards of 6-8 sprays. 

Consejo nº 2: Hold the bottle at a 90-degree angle when priming the bottle and spraying on the penis. 

Consejo nº 3: Don't forget to remove the small white break tab when you get your new bottle of Promescent. 

Consejo nº 4: If you know intercourse is going to happen within the hour, but don't want to apply just before hand, you can apply a few extra sprays so that it will last longer. Promescent can last up to an hour depending on dosage.

Check out this Vídeo de 2 minutos for in-depth training on how to apply Promescent.

Por supuesto. All items are shipped in a discreet manner and will arrive in a nondescript package without mention of the product’s name or our company anywhere on the packaging.

You can apply Promescent Delay Spray con o sin erección. It is up to you when and where to apply it, but you may notice more targeted coverage if you can apply exactly where you need it, so we’ll leave that up to you. You’ll know exactly where you’re spraying if you’re already stiff, though.

Sí, y lo recomendamos. Personal lubricants add comfort, reduce friction and enhance the overall experience during intercourse. Apply Promescent Delay Spray and allow 5-10 minutes for the solution to dry and absorb before applying lubricant.

Envíos a Estados Unidos: You can get it as soon as next day. Free shipping is sent USPS first-class mail and generally arrives within 3-5 business days. Shipping times vary by service and region and can take between 1-5 días.

Overnight: $17.95 

2 días: $7,95

Estándar (3-5 días): GRATIS

Envíos a Canadá: Shipping times vary by region, but most deliveries will take place 1 o 2 días after your order is placed.

FedEx International Express (1-2 días): $9.95

Rest of World: All items are shipped via FedEx International Express (customs and duties paid by Promescent) and arrive in 2-4 días depending on region. In some cases it can take longer to arrive if there are customs inspections or you are in a remote region.

FedEx International Express (2-4 días): $9.95 - $14.95 (varía según la región)

Los días de envío son de lunes a viernes (PST). Si un pedido se realiza el sábado o el domingo, se enviará el lunes. Los pedidos realizados antes de la 1 pm PST se enviarán el mismo día.

Sí. If you know oral sex may be in the lineup (lucky you), apply first, rub it in, espera 10 minutos, y luego asegúrate de darle un buen repaso con una toalla húmeda. It’s fully absorbed by then, so it’ll still work just fine.

Promescent delay spray puede durar hasta una hora depending on your dosage.

All items shipped have al menos 1 año hasta la expiración. In fact, la mayoría de las veces you will get bottles that have 2 años o más.

Personal lubricants

Personal lubricants are super simple to use. 

Paso 1: Dispense liberally. There's no such thing as too much when it comes to applying lubes. Apply a dollop or two to your fingers.

Paso 2: Apply to desired area.

No hay tiempo de espera cuando se trata de lubricantes. Una vez aplicados, ¡que comience la diversión y disfrute de la comodidad que el lubricante añade a sus aventuras sexuales!

Consejo nº 1: Once dispensed, allow the lube to warm up a bit from your body temperature before applying to your or your partner's sensitive areas.

Consejo nº 2: Close the cap and always stow away up-right to avoid leakage.

Personal lubricants provide mayor comodidad y reducción de la fricción for both partners allowing for relaciones sexuales más placenteras or masturbation. Pairing a lubricant with Promescent delay spray is a match made in heaven – long lasting, smooth sex!

All of Promescent’s Premium Lubricants have a olor y sabor neutros.. Se puede ingerir when you are using lubricant during oral sex, but it’s recommended that you try to evitar ingerir demasiado.

Sí,todos los lubricantes de Promescent no contienen parabenos.

Seguro que sí. We made sure that our lubes don't impact vaginal health negatively so self-care and proper pH levels are maintained.

Por supuesto. All items are shipped in a discreet manner and will arrive in a nondescript package without mention of the product’s name or our company anywhere on the packaging.

A base de agua: No, a simple el ciclo de lavado eliminará cualquier residuo left behind from using water-based personal lubricants. 

A base de silicona: A silicone-based lubricant mancha ciertos tejidos such as satin and it could be a bit tricky to remove from sheets, clothes or upholstery. Use a degreaser if staining occurs. It’s recommended that you wash after using a degreaser, but DO NOT put the fabric in the dryer and instead let air dry.

A base de Aloe orgánico: A simple el ciclo de lavado debe eliminar y los residuos left behind from Promescent's Aloe-based lubricant.

A base de agua: Yes, it can be used with any toy or any material without degradation. 

A base de silicona: Only if your toy is not made of silicone. Lubricante de silicona y juguetes de silicona no debe be used together.

A base de Aloe orgánico: It can be se utiliza con la mayoría de los juguetes, incluidos los juguetes de silicona.

No, los Lubricantes Premium Promescent no contienen ningún ingrediente que pueda desensibilizarte a ti o a tu pareja.


VitaFLUX proporciona una serie de beneficios para el bienestar sexual y la salud en general. La L-arginina (2000 mg), la L-citrulina (1000 mg) y el tartrato de L-carnitina (1000 mg) proporcionan una dosis saludable y terapéutica para potenciar la producción de óxido nítrico de su cuerpo.

VitaFLUX puede provocar:

Beneficios para los hombres

- Aumento de la producción de testosterona

- Mayor libido y deseo de tener sexo

- Aumento del flujo sanguíneo para lograr erecciones más fuertes y firmes

- Erecciones más fáciles de conseguir y mantener

- Satisfacción del orgasmo más fuerte y deseable

Beneficios para las mujeres

- Aumento de la producción de lubricación natural

- Aumento del deseo y la libido

- Reducción del dolor durante las relaciones sexuales

- Mayor elasticidad vaginal debido a un mejor flujo sanguíneo

- Orgasmos mejores y más fuertes

Beneficios para la salud en general

- Más energía a lo largo del día. Sin nerviosismo como los suplementos de cafeína.

- Aumento de la salud circulatoria

- Recuperación más rápida tras el ejercicio o la lesión

- Reduce los niveles de colesterol malo

- Puede ayudar a controlar la diabetes de tipo 2

You should take VitaFLUX diariamente. 3 pastillas por la mañana y 3 por la noche (with or without food) for optimum results.

Seguro que sí. Check out the product detail page (click here) para obtener más información y saber cómo puede inscribirse y ahorrar en las entregas mensuales normales.

You may notice aumento de la energía y la vitalidad en pocos días of taking the supplement. Some of the sexual wellness  benefits from taking VitaFLUX can take about 20 días to notice and can increase as you continue taking the supplement daily. After Los resultados de 90 días de uso continuado serán significativos.

It’s no es el fin del mundo, but vuelva a su dosis normal lo antes posible. After you’ve missed your daily dosage for a prolonged period nitric oxide levels will begin to reduce back to your baseline levels. You may experience short-term loss of some of the benefits VitaFlux provides.

Sí,no es necesario comer antes de tomar VitaFlux. Tome 3 pastillas por la mañana y 3 pastillas por la noche.

Sí, lo es. There will be no mention of Promescent or our company on any of the packaging when it arrives.

Sí,, all of our inventory does have an expiration date, however, we make sure we always ship bottles con al menos 6 meses of shelf life left. Plenty of time to get through the 30-day supply even if you take a different dosage than what is recommended.

Gel de excitación femenina

Promescent's Female Arousal Gel is diseñado para estimular el flujo sanguíneo y ofrece una ligera sensación de zumbido en sus zonas más sensibles, specifically the clitoris, añadiendo más placer para ella during intimacy or masturbation.

Sacar el máximo provecho del Gel Excitador Femenino de Promescent es fácil y sólo requiere dos pasos.

Paso 1: Squeeze just a drop on your finger to start. You can apply more as needed.

Paso 2: Gently massage and rub get into the clitoris, around the clitoral hood, labia and external vaginal opening. 

Algunos consejos profesionales para ti:

Consejo nº 1: Experience more with less. Just one pea-sized drop activated the maximum level of arousal for any situation and last up to 25 minutes.

Consejo nº 2: Men can use this too! Apply to the underside of the glans and shaft of the penis for a similar sensation.

Although our Female Arousal Gel is primarily water-based, there is a small amount of silicone. With the gel containing such small amounts of silicone, no debería afectar a su jugueteSin embargo, le recomendamos que haga una prueba en una pequeña zona de su juguete antes de usarlo para ver si reconoce alguna reacción.

If used as directed with one pea-sized amount, you can get hasta 75 usos.

Yes, no contiene parabenos and no contiene hormonas like estrogen, progesterone or testosterone.

It is no se recomienda for those who are alérgico a la silicona or who experience frequent skin reactions.

No utilizar durante el embarazo o la lactancia sin consultar previamente a su médico. 

Sí, seguro que sí. With no mentions of Promescent or company it is safe to ship to your office or home without worry. 


When unrolled at full length our condoms are aproximadamente 7 pulgadas (17,78 cm)pero muchos usuarios son capaces de utilizar lo que necesitan sin tener que estirarse al máximo.

No, no contienen espermicida. Generally, condoms are considered a good way to prevent pregnancy and do not need to contain spermicide to work effectively.

Sí,todos los preservativos Promescent pueden utilizarse con lubricantes a base de silicona, agua o aloe.

No, none of our condoms contain a desensitizing agent. We found that 'delay condoms' do not work as well as sprays since you cannot control how much you apply or where the desensitizer ends up. In our opinion 'delay condoms' are not a viable way to help men last longer in bed any more so than what a standard condom would help with.

There are many STIs. A latex condom puede reducir el riesgo de transmisión de las STI to or from the head of the penis. However, algunas STI también pueden propagarse por otros contactos sexuales.

Por supuesto. All items are shipped in a discreet manner and will arrive in a nondescript package without mention of the product’s name or our company anywhere on the packaging.

Ribbed condoms are meant for una mayor estimulación para ella. Delicate ribbing along the length of the condom provides an intense and delightful sensation during penetrative sex.

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