Shipping Policy

Legality Promescent is FDA compliant and legally sold in the US and its territories under FDA monograph 21 C.F.R 348, Whilst Promescent is legally sold in the US and you are buying it legally from the US, it does not mean or imply that the product is registered for sale in the country you are shipping it to, if you are shipping it outside the US. Whenever Promescent is shipped internationally, this is for personal use only and not for resale. is hosted in the US and the website operates under US law.
Customer Support If you have any questions in regards to Promescent that aren't answered in our FAQ section on our website (, please feel free to contact
Packaging All products are packed discreetly in blank envelopes without any markings or logos indicating the content of the package.
Customs Responsibility Where necessary and/or possible, the Company will add the necessary documents for export so the product can be processed and cleared through Customs as fast as possible. Whilst the Company will prepare all customs documents as much as possible, shipping the product outside the US remains the sole responsibility of the buyer.
Shipping Times

The shipping times mentioned on our checkout page are estimates based on our experience. The low end of these estimates is valid for major metropolitan areas. If you live in rural or remote areas, the shipping estimates for the higher end of the range will be valid. However, please note that they remain estimates and they can be influenced by actions outside our control.

US orders placed by 2:00PM EST will typically ship the same day. Orders placed after 2:00PM EST will typically ship the next business day. There are no shipments on Saturday, Sunday, US holidays.

Shipping Addresses

All shipments will be sent to the address provided by the customer, and the customer is responsible to ensure that this address is correct. Orders that need to be re-shipped due to incorrect address will be charged the current shipping rate. Re-shipped orders may be sent with a signature required at the time of delivery.

US shipping to PO boxes is only offered when selecting Economy or Expedited (USPS) shipping options. All orders over $200 will require a signature at time of delivery

Normal Post If you have selected the normal post option to deliver your shipment, we will ship with the normal postal services. These shipments have no tracking and no insurance and there is no compensation if they get lost.

Applies only to INTL orders.
Express Service Our express services is provided to you through third-party courier services and their standard Terms & Conditions are valid for all Express shipments. Their Terms & Conditions can be requested by contacting for shipments outside the US or for shipments within the US.
Insured Buying insurance – where available – has no impact on the speed with which your product will be delivered. If a shipment has not arrived within 35 days after you've placed your order, the shipment will be considered lost and we will reship your shipment at our expense. When you believe your shipment is lost, please contact to start a claims dossier.
Defective Products Promescent is manufactured in the US, using the highest manufacturing and product control standard; however, sometimes things can go wrong, and if this is the case, we will happily replace your defective product. When you have a defective product, please contact and provide a clear description of the issue, as well as pictures, where possible, and our Customer Service will determine if a replacement will be shipped. If the product needs to be returned to us, we will provide you with the process on how to return the product. We need to be informed within 10 days from ordering that your product is defective.
Credit Card Charges Your credit card will be charged when you successfully place an order and receive an order confirmation. However, your order will be rejected if the billing information on file with your bank does not exactly match the information you entered. When this happens, you will not receive an order confirmation and no product will be shipped. If a charge is rejected, it is possible a temporary authorization charge will appear on your card. This charge will automatically disappear within 3–5 business days, depending on your financial institution.
End User We only ship to end-users, and it is not allowed to resell this product in any channel without our specific approval.
Currency All prices on the website are mentioned in US dollars.