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This bundle is made for couples looking to take their game to the next level! With a SenseVibe vibrator and a Standard Metered Dose bottle of Promescent, you're set for a long night of love making. After applying Promescent, use the vibrator with your partner as foreplay while waiting 10-15 minutes for Promescent to kick in. The options are endless!

Tremble With Pleasure 

Thanks to its ergonomically shaped flexible yoga neck and two motors for internal and external pleasure, SenseVibe ensures clitoral and G-spot stimulation that is spot-on. Choose between 8 different vibrating modes and speeds, and experience the various waves of vibration that will make you tremble with pleasure. 

Wireless Charging

Keep your vibrator away from prying eyes and awkward stares thanks to the discreet and hygienic charging box. Charge SenseVibe by simply placing it in its box and connect the carrying case with the provided USB charging cable to your computer or the correct adapter. 

Travel Lock

Worried about SenseVibe accidentally turning itself on during the wrong moment? Just lock your toy by holding the plus and minus buttons simultaneously for 3 seconds and you can rest assured that SenseVibe is stored safely.

Features Include:

• Two Motors for Dual Stimulation
• Clitoral & G-Spot Stimulation
• Waterproof Vibrator
• Splashproof Carrying Case 
• Wireless Charging 
• Discrete & Hygienic Charging Case
• 100% Waterproof
• Easy to Clean
• Seamless Design
• Silky Soft Surface
• Flexible Yoga Neck (36° Bend Angle)
• Travel Lock
• Simple 3 Button Interface

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Refund requests must be made directly to us at within 60 days of the date of shipment by Promescent. We are not liable for returns that are damaged or lost in transit to our headquarters. Promptly following Promescent’s receipt of your request (typically within five (5) business days), Promescent will credit the amount paid for the returned Product (less any shipping and handling costs/fees related to the original purchase, which are non-refundable) to the Payment Method you used to make the original purchase.

We will not provide a refund for a request that is received by Promescent more than 60 days after the date of original shipment. We also do not provide a refund for returned Products that are damaged due to misuse, lack of care, mishandling, accident, abuse or other abnormal use.

What's Inside

targetzone™ technology

Desensitizes only the areas you want, for a more pleasurable experience

customizable to your needs

Choose the number of sprays you use for more or less desensitization

les you focus on the feeling

Enjoy the sensations of sex without worrying about finishing too soon

How to Apply

shake gently

Before each use, shake your Promescent bottle gently.

Apply and rub in

Most men start with 3 sprays. Hold the nozzle close to your penis and spray on the most sensitive parts, the frenulum and underside of the shaft.

wait 10 minutes

Allow Promescent to absorb fully to get maximum climax control and prevent transference to your partner. May we suggest a little foreplay to pass the time?

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Tom Shaporia

This looked good but a tad expensive

But I love your spray and it's not cheap but clearly is worth the price. This is the same quality as a LeLo vibrator which is $200. It has a similar look and charging mechanism...another great addition to the line. I have used everything but the condoms (married and had a vasectomy) and this site truly has great products...

Waleed N.

Wifey loves it!

At first I was a bit hesitant to start using vibrators in our routine, but my wife absolutely loves it. Perfect that the spray comes in the package too! I can apply it, play for 10 minutes with the vibrator and then have mind blowing intercourse. Would recommend if you are looking to open up and try new things.

Frank and Linda

My wife loves it

I love this thing. Well, my wife loves it. LOL. We have a SenseVibe and I use Promescent, so it's cool to see these are here as a package. It's funny to see the way you recommend using it because that's exactly what my wife and I do. We play with it while waiting for my Promescent to kick in.

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