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We believe sex should be

Sex should be pleasurable for both men and women


We make sure you and your partner have the tools available to have great sex. Close the Orgasm Gap and make sure you and your partner are enjoying every moment intimacy brings.

Promescent believes sex should be stress free

Stress Free

Sex is an integral part of any romantic relationship. We make sure you’re all set for a romantic and invigorating time with safe and simple to use sexual enhancers.

Promescent believes sex should be empowering


We want you and your partner to be feeling confident going into the bedroom for whatever the sheets throw at you.

Promescent ships everything discreetly


All packaging you receive is completely non-branded ensuring your utmost privacy when the package arrives at home, at work or anywhere life takes you.

Safety is Promescent's #1 priority


Safety is priority #1. Our facilities are independently reviewed on a consistent basis to ensure cGMP standards and FDA approval. Most items are made here in the USA to ensure quality and safety.

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