Happy couple in bed and enjoying longer lasting intimacy with Promescent premium products
Happy couple in bed and enjoying longer lasting intimacy with Promescent premium products
Premium Robotic Clitorial Massager

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Baci Clitoris Sucker

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Orgasmic Technology at its Finest

Baci air-flow technology

Air-Flow Technology

Circular airflow technology mimics the feeling of a talented human mouth and touch on the clitoris lightly sucking and stroking sensations that resonate throughout the entire clitoral body.

Baci full clitoral coverage

Full Clitoral Coverage

Designed with the full clitoris in mind. Baci not only covers the full clitoris, both hidden and visible but rests between the outer labia to maximize coverage, providing deep thrumming stimulation.

Baci is 100% waterproof

100% Waterproof

Silky soft with soft-touch silicone, easy to clean, or enjoy uninhibited bath time with Baci to give relaxation a new meaning.

Baci Means Kiss In Italian

Delivering the smooth, passionate feel of a lover’s mouth, Baci’s patent-pending technology mimics the clitoral sucking and tongue stroking of heaven-like oral pleasures. The full-coverage design provides for full-bodied clitoral stimulation and an epic orgasmic release like nothing you’ve felt before.

Baci 10+ intensity settings

10+ Intensity Settings

Control your pleasure power, with one simple button.

Baci is rechargeable


Baci comes complete with a USB rechargeable cord and will last for 60 minutes on a full charge.

Baci award winning technology

2020 CES Innovation Award

An award given for outstanding design and engineering in consumer technology products.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Place the clitoral mouth against the glans clitoris some people prefer to completely encircle the clitoris, others press it to the side or over the clitoral hood. Spread the outer labia and press the ridges of the clitoral stimulator against the lower part of the vulva, against the inner labia.  As with any toy, take your time to try out what feels best for you.

  • A full charge takes 2 hours will provide you 60 minutes of mind-blowing sensation.

  • You can use the Baci with all lubricants except for silicone lube or oil. Silicone on silicone may lead to degradation of the toy material and we advise against using it.

  • To clean, spray the toy with Promescent Toy cleaner after each use.  Wipe down with a lint free cloth. Be sure to clean inside the clitoral mouth of the Baci using a cloth, finger or cotton swab. Replace toy in silk storage bag (included) until your next play date.

  • The Baci comes with the Baci device, Magnetic USB charging cable, a storage pouch for easy storage and instructions.

  • Absolutely. All items are shipped in a discreet manner and will arrive in a nondescript package without mention of the product’s name or our company anywhere on the packaging.