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What is the Orgasm Gap and how to close it

The Orgasm Gap: FAQs & Ways to Close it

Men orgasm more consistently during sex than women. But just how wide is this “orgasm gap?”
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Couple unhappy because of bad sex

10 Things That's Causing Bad Sex & How to Fix It (Men's Guide)

Bad sex can mean different things for different couples, just as “good sex” can, too. So what is good sex vs bad sex?
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man hanging head because of sexual performance anxiety

Sexual Performance Anxiety & Tips to Overcome It

Sex should be a way to release stress and tension, not a source of it.


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Best foreplay tips for men

21 Best Foreplay Tips for Men

Women aren’t naturally ready for sex like most men; her arousal button is a lot more complicated. Here are some foreplay tips, ideas and techniques.
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