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Woman giving herself a yoni massage

Exploring The Benefits Of A Yoni Massage

If you have ever been curious about a yoni massage, or maybe you're just hearing about it for the first time and wondering, what is that? Well, this guide to yoni massage will help answer your questions and guide you through how to give one.
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Sexually frustrated couple ready to try endurance wipes

Endurance Wipes: What you need to know

If you're suffering from premature ejaculation like the other estimated 30% of men out there, then you should try endurance wipes. This safe, proven, and effective treatment for premature ejaculation will you have you lasting longer in no time.
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Desperate man searching online for penis numbing spray

Penis Numbing Spray: A Comprehensive Guide for Beginners

If you have ever wanted to last longer in bed, you're not alone. With this guide to penis numbing spray you can finally say goodbye to premature ejaculation.
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Banana with cream on tip simulating cum

Benzocaine Wipes 101: Everything you Need to Know

Benzocaine wipes are single-use wet wipes preloaded with the desensitizing agent benzocaine. See if these are the best option for you to improve bedroom performance.

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How to Give Her an Orgasm: A Simple Guide On a Complex Matter for Men

How to Give Her an Orgasm: A Simple Guide On a Complex Matter for Men

You're looking to please your female partner during sex, so you Google: how to make a girl orgasm. Congratulations—you've just stepped into a rabbit hole of female orgasm information.
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Alpha male standing on mountain top

The Truth About Becoming An Alpha Male

Becoming an alpha male is a process of mastering your life. With this 21 step guide Promescent takes you through the necessary steps to become the alpha male you want to be
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