Vibrador Punto G Poco
Poco bendable g spot vibrator
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Vibrador Punto G Poco

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Bendable Bliss

Shape your pleasure to perfection.

The Poco G-Spot Vibrator offers versatile stimulation, reaching and enhancing pleasure points with ease and comfort.

  • Orgasmos del punto G y del punto C
  • Discreto y compacto
  • Juego en pareja con App
Alert Faster delivery options available.
Free shipping on all orders over $20 in the United States.
All products ship in non-branded packaging to protect your privacy.

A Vibrator That Bends to Your Will

Poco bendable vibrator

Se ajusta fácilmente

Poco mimics the feel of human fingers and can be easily adjusted to hit the G-spot or to stimulate the clitoris. Solo or partner play, pick your own adventure!

Poco dual motor vibrator

Motores duales

This compact vibrator is power-packed with 2 mind-blowing motors & 16 intensity settings. Experience the orgasmic bliss you only dreamed of before.

Poco vibrator phone app

Conectar con la aplicación

Poco is programmable and lets you or your partner control the intensity and vibration of each motor during your play. Change partners and intensities as you edge your way to an explosive climax.

Experience The Most Advanced G-Spot Vibrator On Earth

This G-Spot vibrator is a master of shapeshifting, one bend and it becomes a g-spot stimulator and another it transforms into a clitoral titillator. Controlled in hand or by app, by you or your partner, this little device can play on 2 motors and 16 intensity settings. 24-month warranty

Poco fully adjustable vibrator

Totalmente ajustable

El único vibrador en forma de bala que se puede doblar y que afecta al punto G, para jugar en solitario o en pareja.

Poco vibrator is safe to use in the shower

Seguro para la ducha, silicona suave

Soft on the skin, easy to clean and you can take in the shower.

Poco rechargeable vibrator

Recargable por USB

Poco comes complete with a USB rechargeable cord and will last for 120 minutes on a full charge.

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Frequently Asked Questions

¿Cómo se utiliza el Poco?

Simply bend Poco to take the shape you desire. To turn on, press the (>) button for two seconds and then release. Change the vibes with the (+) button and change the intensity with the (<) and (>) buttons. To turn off, press the (>) button for two seconds and then release again.

¿Cuánto duran las pilas?

A full charge takes 1 hour will provide you 120 minutes of customized, eyes in the back of your head sensation.

¿Son seguros los lubricantes?

Puedes utilizar el Poco con todos los lubricantes, excepto el lubricante de silicona o el aceite. La silicona sobre la silicona puede llevar a la degradación del material del juguete y aconsejamos no utilizarlo.

¿Cómo se limpia el Poco?

To clean, spray the toy with Promescent toy cleaner after each use. Wipe down with a lint-free cloth.

¿Qué viene en la caja?

The Poco comes with the Poco Bullet, mini USB charging cable, and instructions.

¿Se envían mis artículos de forma discreta?

Absolutamente, todos los artículos se envían de forma discreta y llegarán en un paquete anodino sin mencionar el nombre del producto o de nuestra empresa en ninguna parte del embalaje.

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