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Nature friendly wipes that decompose! Each wipe is 100% biodegradable for piece of mind.

pH Balance

A gentle formula that keeps your body healthy and pH levels balanced.


After use, each wipe can be flushed down the toilet so you leave no mess behind!

How to use

Tear Wrapper

Carefully tear wrapper at the perforation until the wipe is accessible.


Gently unfold the wipe for maximum coverage!


Gently rub the wipe over the desired areas for cleansing.


Flush the wipe down the toilet or throw into a waste basket.

Frequently Asked Questions

These wipes are great for freshening up before romantic encounters and cleaning up any mess afterwards. They're flushable and biodegradable so you leave no trace. They're even great to have around in the unfortuante circumsatnce the public restroom is out of toilet paper.

No, Promescent Before & After Wipes are entirely alcohol free.

Yes. As each wipe is 100% biodegradable, you'll have piece of mind when flushing down the toilet. To avoid any clogs, only flush one wipe at a time!

Yes. Each wipe is pH balanced and safe to use around both female and male sexual organs.

Each box of Promescent Before & After Wipes contain 40 individually wrapped wipes.

Yes. Promescent Before and After wipes are safe to clean your hands or face. They are not limited to intimate areas and can serve multiple cleansing purposes.

Freshen up before. Clean up after.

Promescent® Before and After Wipes are a great tool to keep things clean before and after. Don't have time to shower after a long day? Eliminate unpleasant odors with a soothing and gentle aloe scent.

Portable, Convenient, & ready whenever you are!

Promescent® Before & After Wipes are individually packaged for your convenience. Keep some in your nightstand, wallet, purse, gym bag, and anywhere else you may need them! They even work great when toilet paper isn't an option!

Moisturizing & Alcohol-free Formula.

Promescent® Before & After Wipes are alcohol free and the inclusion of aloe vera will provide your skin with a smooth moisturizing benefit.

Before and After WIpes

These before and after wipes are sustainably sourced, biodegradable, and individually packaged for when you're on the go!