Trojan Ultra Thin Lubricated Condoms - 12 Pack
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Preservativos Trojan Ultra Thin

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Having Safe Sex Never Felt So Good

Enjoy a comfortable sensation with peace of mind.

Feel as close as to your partner as possible while still being protected.

  • 25% thinner than standard Trojan condoms
  • High-quality lubricant for comfort
  • Reservoir tip for more safety
Alert Faster delivery options available.
Free shipping on all orders over $20 in the United States.
All products ship in non-branded packaging to protect your privacy.

What Makes Trojan Ultra Thin Different

Trojan ultra thin wall condom shaft

Enhanced Intimacy

Ultra thin protection for greater satisfaction and peace of mind.

Trojan condom lubricant drop

Smooth sensation

Features lubrication for better comfort.

Trojan ultra thin condoms are made with high-quality latex

High-quality latex

Premium material to ensure a low risk of STIs or pregnancy.


Enjoy more sensitivity while staying protected

Trojan Ultra Thin condoms features a smooth lubricant for enhanced comfort. With a thinner material, you'll enjoy a more natural feeling with your partner. It's electronically-tested and made with high-quality latex to help ensure protection from STIs and unwanted pregnancy.


Natural feel

These condoms allow for a more natural sensation to be felt.


More pleasure

With a natural feel, partners can experience enhanced intimacy and more pleasure.


Full protection

Premium thin latex condoms for enhanced sensitivity. Electronically tested for quality.

Conozca los hechos

Condoms, when used properly and as directed, are 95% effective at preventing pregnancy.
Condoms also significantly reduce the risk of sexually transmitted infections*.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Trojan Ultra thin condoms effective?

Similar to other condoms, ultra thin condoms are effective at preventing STIs and unwanted pregnancies.

¿De qué tamaño son los preservativos?

Ultra thin condoms are between 6.69 - 7.48 in. in length, and have a base width of 2.09 in.

How likely are the condoms to break?

Thin condoms are not more likely to break compared to other condoms. It's important to store them properly and use them correctly to prevent breakage.

Are thin condoms tight?

How tight the condom feels will vary from person to person. Ultra thin condoms are designed to provide a soft and comfortabe fit.

What are the benefits of thin condoms?

Thinner condoms can help provide more sensation during sex.

Does Trojan Ultra Thin have spermicide?

Yes, Trojan Ultra Thin condoms do contain nonoxynol-9 spermicide, which provides protection against pregnancy.

How long do Trojan Ultra Thin condoms last?

According to Trojan, most of their condoms are good for up to five years.

How thin are Ultra Thin condoms?

Ultra thin condoms are 25% thinner than the standard Trojan condoms.

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