How To Hide Sex Toys

Sex toys are a great tool for enhancing your pleasure, but you may be embarrassed about others finding them. Here's a guide on how to hide sex toys.

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How to hide a sex toy

Figuring out how to hide sex toys can be a challenge for those who live with multiple people. A kid or a nosy family member can end up opening the wrong drawer and discovering the device.

As a result, you might be embarrassed, and you’ll end up having to search for somewhere else to hide them.

Quick FAQs

Sex toys can be hidden in a variety of places including a locked drawer, a luggage bag, or a shoe box placed at the top of a closet.

Remove the batteries and make sure to keep the sex toy in a separate clear bag. If you're traveling abroad, make sure it's allowed in the country you're going to.

Make sure the toy is clean and dry before storing it in order to avoid bacterial growth. To extend the a toys lifespan, be sure to store it in a clean and dry spot.

Fortunately, there are plenty of places to hide your favorite vibrator safely. Here’s what to know about how to hide sex toys.

How to hide a sex toy

Studies show that women's relationship with sexual health is improving, and communication barriers are dropping. But that doesn't mean people want their sex toys out in plain view, either.

One study found that people feel embarrassed if others know they’ve purchased a sensitive product. If you prefer to keep sex items hidden, here are a few places to consider hiding it.

Bedside table drawer

The bedside table drawer is a great place to hide a sex toy if you want to hide it but still have it close by.

While the bedside table drawer may be the first place someone will look through, it is possible to secure it. 

Look for a padlock or get a bedside table drawer that can be locked with a key.

Coat pocket in a closet

A trench coat pocket is an out-of-site spot that can easily hide your favorite vibrator or dildo.

You should probably only store your dildo or wand in a coat pocket in the summer, and remember to always check your pockets before walking out of the house.


An available suitcase is an excellent spot to conceal sex toys because you can layer clothes, books, bathroom supplies, etc., over them. It’s unlikely anyone will go digging through the luggage.

Utilize the luggage lock for that added layer of security. You can stash it under the bed for quick access or, in the top of your closet, out of the reach of children.


Most people have a few shoeboxes that are empty and just sitting in the closet. Place your favorite sex toy inside, close the box, and put it on the top of your closet.

This keeps the device far out of the reach of young children.


Socks are the perfect shape and size to store longer vibrators.

The soft fabric of the socks also keeps the vibrator or toy from damage caused by rubbing against other objects.

Purse or bag in the top of the closet

Similar to shoeboxes, sex toys can be stored in empty bags and then put away in a hard to reach spot.

An adult toy bag may be a useful option since it can be small enough to tuck almost anywhere.

Lockable vibrator case

One of the best places to hide sex toys is in a lockable vibrator case. Some of the benefits of doing this include:

  • It keeps the sex toy clean.
  • The soft materials reduce wear and tear.
  • It will be hard for anyone else to access.

How to bring sex toys on a plane?

You don't have to leave your favorite vibrator at home when traveling.

The TSA allows sex toys in both carry-on and checked luggage. However, you will want to double-check if you're traveling abroad.

Be sure to remove the batteries and place the vibrator or dildo in a separate clear bag to stay clean and easily identifiable for security checks.

How to store sex toys

Deciding where to hide sex toys is only part of storing them. Here are a few other tips to keep in mind when storing your device.

  • Always clean and dry sex toys before storing them. Bacteria can grow on dildos or bullets, leading to skin irritation or infection.
  • When sex toys are stored in a clean and dry hiding spot, it extends their lifespan.
  • Store extra batteries in a ziplock bag in the same location for convenience.

How much sex toy storage do I need?

Of course, you'll consider the size of the sex toy first. Most secret hiding spots and solutions accommodate 7 or 8 inches long sex toys. 

But you can buy boxes and bags much bigger if you have more than one, or your tastes are a bit more than the average size.

Consider sexual wellness accessories that you plan to store, too.

  • lubrication
  • condoms
  • sex toy cleaners
  • extra batteries
  • chargers
  • warming gels
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Hiding sex toys away from prying eyes is easy. But don't forget to clean and dry them before stashing them out to avoid skin irritation or other issues.

You can find customizable options that are as big or small as you need and lockable to keep even the nosiest person out.

Most importantly, don't hide your sex so well that you can't get to them when the mood hits.

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The Promescent Team

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