Best Sex Positions For ED

The best sex positions for ED are the ones that allow for more blood flow to the penis. Try these positions to help prevent ED from happening.

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by The Promescent Team Last updated 04/11/2024

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what positions are best for ed

There’s no exact science on what the best sex positions for ED are. But it’s been theorized that positions which allow men to relax may allow more blood flow to go to the penis.

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is as common as it is frustrating. With over 30 million men experiencing ED in America today, it’s a much bigger problem than most people realize.

Quick FAQs

The best positions for ED are ones that allow men to relax, so more blood flow can go to the penis.

Some tips that might help cure ED include treating underlying conditions and strengthening muscles with Kegel exercises.

While not proven scientifically, it's been theorized that more strenuous positions may limit blood flow to the penis, making ED more likely.

Although there are many potential treatments for ED, one under-discussed topic is how certain sex positions may be better for improving erection quality.

This guide will help you discover exciting positions that may help increase erection firmness, along with some tips on how you can prevent and cure ED today.

Best Sex Positions for ED

Finding the best sex position for ED can be a very individualized thing. There are no major scientific studies that show one position to be the most effective.

However, ED can be caused by anything that limits blood flow. So theoretically, positions that require more blood flow to other parts of the body may take blood flow away from the penis.

For some men with cardiovascular issues, whether it’s high blood pressure or diabetes, positions like cowgirl might allow them to relax their muscles. As a result, more blood flow is potentially concentrated in the penis.

It may also be beneficial to choose a relaxing sex position if the cause of ED is related to performance anxiety.

Whether ED stems from mental or physical issues, or even both as is often the case, these positions and tips can help you fight ED today.


Cowgirl position

Cowgirl is a great position to try when looking to manage ED. The man simply rests on his back, while the woman straddles him while facing him directly.

She can grind back and forth or push up and down for greater stimulation. The positions allows you to both mentally and physically relax during intercourse. 

While men can certainly add their own hip thrusts and movements, she’s going to be the one in control for most of the time. This allows the focus to be on relaxing and enjoying the sensations.

The hope is that by lying down, the man is less tense, there’s less blood flow going to other parts, and potentially increased blood flow to the penis.

Pro Tip: Taking VitaFLUX Nitric Oxide Booster can increase blood flow by boosting your nitric oxide production.

The main benefits of cowgirl for ED are:

  • Total body relaxation
  • Gives her control so you can focus on pleasure
  • You can focus on controlled breathing to maintain an erection and increase stamina

If you find cowgirl helpful against ED, you can spice things up further by:

  • Having her lean forward, and taking control of the thrusts yourself
  • Having her lean back with her hands on your legs for new sensations and views

Doggy Style

Doggy style position

Doggy style is another great position to try when fighting ED since it only requires a little physical output.

When performing doggy style, the man enters behind the woman. She can either be on her hands and knees or resting on her chest with her hips raised.

Both partners can be on the bed on their knees, or a man can bring his partner closer to the edge of the bed to enter while standing. 

Try both variations to see if one helps to increase your blood flow better than the other. Some men may find that standing is more stimulating, while others may find the kneeling position more optimal.

Doggy style has benefits for ED including:

  • Allows you to control the speed and intensity
  • Can provide a highly stimulating visual experience
  • May create a tighter entry point for possible increased stimulation (especially if her legs are closer together)
  • Not as physically demanding as other positions, such as missionary


Spooning position

Spooning is a great low-key position that combines the relaxation of cowgirl with the tighter sensations of doggy style.

For the most relaxing form of spooning, simply have her lay on her stomach and enter her from above while laying gently on top of her.

Another alternative is to spoon from the side while facing away from one another. This position allows for a bit more movement as well, since you can hold onto her waist for some support if you wish to angle yourself differently.

Some of the pros of spooning for curing ED include:

  • A slower pace
  • A possibly tighter entry since her legs will be close together
  • Less strenuous than other positions, allowing for potentially more blood flow

Reverse Cowgirl

Reverse cowgirl

Like cowgirl, reverse cowgirl has the man lying on his back while the woman straddles him on top. The main difference, however, is that she will be facing his feet to provide new sensations and visuals.

Some of the benefits of reverse cowgirl for ED include:

  • Relaxation
  • Exciting visuals
  • A unique sensation
  • Possibly increased tightness


Lotus position

Last but not least, lotus is a wonderful position that’s both intimate and highly sexual. It’s similar to cowgirl, but the man will be sitting on the bed while the woman straddles him on top. 

The man can either rest his arms behind him while leaning back, or can fully embrace his partner in a hugging, seated position.

His legs can also be straight or in a criss-cross position depending on preferences. She can also change sensations by wrapping her legs around him, resting on her knees in a similar style to cowgirl, or keeping her legs extended.

Some of the ED benefits of lotus include:

  • Increased comfort
  • Enhanced intimacy because of the full body embrace, which may aid in the mental aspect of ED

Tips for Preventing ED

Along with trying the best sex positions for ED, let's also look at other beneficial tips for preventing and curing ED today.

Treat Underlying Health Conditions

Erectile dysfunction can have many causes, and it’s often linked to physical ailments that affect the circulatory system.

By visiting a doctor and discovering any underlying conditions, you can then focus on treating them, which can aid in fixing ED.

Some of these conditions include:

  • Obesity
  • Diabetes
  • High blood pressure
  • Poor circulation
  • Alcoholism
  • Tobacco usage

In some cases, treating the condition may help to improve ED. In other cases, medicines like Sildenafil (Viagra) may be prescribed to help aid in stronger erections.

Along with physical conditions, ED may sometimes be caused by mental ailments including:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Insomnia
  • PTSD

Treating these conditions may help to improve ED and sexual functioning in many cases.

Strengthen Your PC Muscles with Kegels

Strengthening your pelvic floor (PC) muscles can potentially lead to stronger erections and even greater longevity during sex.

To find your PC muscle and practice kegel exercises, simply stop the flow of urine while using the restroom to locate which muscle you should engage. Later, while not urinating, you can very lightly flex this muscle for 5-10 second intervals throughout the day to gain greater strength and control.

Another beneficial exercise is the reverse kegel. Reverse kegels are done by focusing on the same area, but instead of stopping an imaginary flow of urine, imagine gently pushing out an imaginary drop of urine.

Reverse kegels help to prevent an overly tightened PC muscle, which can lead to premature ejaculation (PE.)

A sample exercise, done every few hours or so, includes:

  • Ten five-second kegels. Hold gently, and let go gently to prevent any strain. This helps to fight against ED.
  • Ten five-second reverse kegels, also done gently. This helps to prevent PE.

Try Beneficial Supplements

Supplements like VitaFLUX Nitric Oxide Booster can help to improve stamina and erection quality, and they can be a great addition to your fight against ED.

VitaFLUX works by increasing nitric oxide production throughout the body, which can help to improve circulation and aid in firmer erections. Other ingredients work to potentially increase testosterone production along with other libido raising benefits.

VitaFLUX Nitric Oxide Booster contains well-researched and proven ingredients including:

  • L-Arginine
  • L-Citrulline
  • L-Carnitine tartrate
  • Magnesium
  • Zinc


All of the previously mentioned tips can be helpful in curing ED, and trying new sex positions is a great way to discover what works best for you.

A sex position that puts less strain on the body and allows men to relax and enjoy the experience more may be the best bet.

Play around with new positions, and give yourself the freedom to explore new visuals and sensations. 

By trying new things in bed, along with the other ED tips in this guide, you’ll be one step closer to enjoying the sex life you want today!

The Promescent Team

The Promescent Team

Our team has over a decade of experience in the sexual wellness field and are experts in sexual dysfunctions, like premature ejaculation. We help couples and individuals better understand treatment options available for different types of sexual needs and educate the public on all things related to intimacy. All of our authored content is medically reviewed for accuracy and reliability.


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