Orajel to Last Longer In Bed: Is it Safe for Your Penis?

Almost every man wants to last longer in bed, and we get it! But if you're considering using Orajel to accomplish this, you might want to think again.

Dr. Faysal Yafi
Board certified Urologist specializing in sexual health
by Dr. Faysal Yafi Last updated 12/07/2023
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orajel to last longer in bed

With as many as one in three men admitting to having experienced premature ejaculation at some point in their lives, it’s no wonder so many men are searching for ways to desensitize their penis and have a fuller, longer sexual experience, which is probably what landed you here.

By now, you’ve probably stumbled across people suggesting that you should use Orajel, or other numbing medication to last longer in bed.

If so, this article can help you understand why that's a bad idea and provide safe alternatives that are actually designed for your penis such, as delay wipes and desensitizing sprays.

The Journal of Dental Research article titled '2-Hydroxyethyl Methacrylate (HEMA) Is a Potent Inducer of Apoptotic Cell Death in Human and Mouse Cells.' Given the sensitivity and importance of your penis, we would not recommend it.

Yes, there are several high quality products that were specifically designed to be safe for your penis. Like Promescent Delay Spray and Delay Wipes.

Yes, there are several exercise and techniques that you can employ to last longer in bed. These include Kegels, Edging, Squeeze Method, and even some supplements.

What is Orajel and how does it work?

Orajel is a product that uses a benzocaine topical solution to provide temporary relief from mouth and gum pain.

It works by using the active ingredient, benzocaine, to block the messages from your nerves from traveling to your brain.

Can I Use Orajel to Treat PE?

We wouldn’t recommend it.

Just because it has similar ingredients to delay sprays, wipes, and creams, it has other more harmful ingredients that we’ll get into a little later. 

Keep in mind that since this medication was not designed for other areas of the body, you won't find any indication on whether it works on your penis and what side effects might be if you try it.

Therefore, it might be a good idea to use another product with the right dosage and drugs that are safe for the body part you're actually trying to treat.

In short, Orajel has a place in this world, that place just isn’t on your penis.

After all, this is your penis we’re talking about here. 

Pro Tip: Promescent makes a great line of Climax Control Sprays and Delay Wipes that are guaranteed to help you safely last longer.

Bad Reviews About Orajel on Reddit?

Reddit reviews for using Orajel as a penis desensitizer are mixed, but once you learn the potential risks, we think your mind will be made up.

Even the reviewers who claim it works say that it also numbs the mouth and vagina of your partner, probably not what you're going for.

In any case, it's important to tell your partner upfront if you plan to try this.

Because, obviously, it will impact their experience as well.

User gofalconsgw points out that since Orajel is formulated for oral use, you can't be sure it's safe for use on your genitalia.

Negative reddit review about orajel on penis not being made for your genitalia

Another reddit user, dandilion6 goes on to point out that it will probably almost certainly transfer to your partner and obviously you don’t want that.

Reddit user negative review for orajel on your penis to last longer in bed.

You’re already trying to close the orgasm gap as it is and if you numb her up then forget it.

Should you use orajel to close the prgasm gap

So, if you want to avoid any embarrassing complications or possibly a trip to the emergency room or doctor's office, you may want to read on. 

Better yet, opt for a nice, safe, and effective premature ejaculation spray or delay wipes specifically designed to desensitize your penis.

Risks and Side Effects of Using Orajel for Desensitization

Risks associated with using orajel to desensitize penis

As with any other medication, there are risks to using Orajel.

The following side effects are possible risks if you use Orajel in your mouth. Just imagine any of these after using Orajel south of the border.

Is it really worth it?

Orajel sometimes causes a condition called methemoglobinemia (met-HEEM-oh glo-bin-EE-mee-a).

This rare side effect causing the oxygen in your tissues to become low.

It can occur after one or more uses of benzocaine and has even caused fatalities.

According to this article from MedicineNet, you may experience the following side effects immediately or within a few hours of using Orajel:

  • headache
  • confusion
  • fast heartbeat
  • Shortness of breath and related respiratory issues
  • blue or gray skin or fingernails

Seek emergency medical care immediately if you notice any of these signs. Additional signs that may require medical care include hives, swelling on your lips, tongue, or throat, and difficulty breathing.

Additionally, it's important to stop using Orajel on any part of your body if you experience a stinging sensation, redness, oozing, blistering, burning, or any sign of infection.

There are also no studies showing Orajel can help you last longer during intercourse.

H3: Hydroxyethyl Methacrylate

According to at least one study, 2-hydroxyethyl methacrylate, an ingredient in advanced formulations of Orajel, can have dangerous side effects.

When used to block pain in the mouth, it prevents excitation in the tooth nerve.

However, just because it is safe for your mouth doesn't mean that it's safe for your penis.

The Journal of Dental Research article titled "2-Hydroxyethyl Methacrylate (HEMA) Is a Potent Inducer of Apoptotic Cell Death in Human and Mouse Cells."

If this sounds dire, it's because it is.

Do you really want to apply something on one of the most sensitive and pleasurable parts of your body that has been known to kill off cells?

Yeah, we didn't think so.

Safe Alternatives to Using Orajel for Desensitization

Alternatives to using orajel to last longer in bed

Delay sprays and wipes are easy to apply and safe for use on your penis.

There are also a number of techniques you can use to physically delay your ejaculation.

Discuss any alternatives you choose with your partner so they feel safe and comfortable, which will be a better experience for you both.

Delay Sprays and Wipes

A desensitizing spray helps you delay your sexual climax.

You can use them for better results in the bed by numbing the head or shaft of your penis.

Delay wipes are a fast solution to help you prevent PE.

They are small and discreet, and you can fit them in your pocket or wallet. Delay wipes are good to have on hand if you think the mood might strike.

Promescent delay spray to last longer in bed instead of orajel

Use one or more to numb your penis prior to having sex.

Delay wipes and sprays help prevent overstimulation and can give you greater endurance when it comes to sex.

This may help you give your partner an incomparable experience that will spice up your sex life.

Many men use desensitizing sprays and wipes regularly to enhance their sexual experiences

The goal is to last much longer than 2 minutes, the official threshold of premature ejaculation.

You can combine these products with different techniques that may prolong your next session.

Techniques & Tips

If you don't want to ejaculate too quickly, consider adding a few techniques to your sexual practice.

  • Edging. Using this technique, you or your partner stimulate your penis and stop just before having an orgasm. This can help learn more about the peak of sexual excitement, sometimes called ejaculatory inevitability. Eventually, you can gain control and back off in order to prolong sex.
  • Kegels. Doing Kegels, you work on strengthening the pelvic muscles. Some people believe that this gives them greater control, so they can prevent premature ejaculation. Kegel exercises may help you prolong sexual performance or have multiple orgasms after you have resolved your PE issues.
  • Desensitizing condoms - These contain benzocaine and lubricant to help delay your orgasm. When you want to run a marathon session in the bedroom, using desensitizing condoms in combination with the techniques above can help you stay alert and ready for action.
  • Vitamins & Supplements - There are a lot of potential benefits to taking vitamins and supplements beyond the sexual benefits. Things like Zinc, for instance, help increase testosterone levels and increase libido. Additionally, research suggests that Zinc deficiencies and sexual dysfunction in men may be linked. Another great way to increase blood flow is with supplements like VitaFLUX. This powerful supplement has been clinically proven to help increase erectile functioning and maintain a healthy libido. 


Orajel Is Not Safe as a PE alternative.

Although Orajel numbs the skin and may delay a climax, there are too many risks and unknowns to use this strategy without talking to your doctor first.

There are better options for your sexual health.

Additionally, there are other alternatives, such as using techniques to delay orgasm or using Promescent desensitizing wipes and sprays specifically designed to prevent PE.

Therefore, we do not recommend that you put Orajel anywhere other than directed on the label — and that doesn't include your penis.

If you want to do further research, we suggest visiting a news or health site dedicated to helping men perform better with their partners.

Dr. Faysal Yafi

Dr. Faysal Yafi

Dr. Yafi is Associate Professor of Urology, Chief of Men’s Health and Reconstructive Urology, Director of Men’s Health and Newport Urology at the University of California, Irvine. His practice specializes in men’s health, erectile dysfunction, hypogonadism, Peyronie’s disease, prosthetic surgery, male voiding dysfunction and male infertility. Dr. Yafi has over 150 peer-reviewed publications and book chapters. He is the current Chair of the SMSNA scientific committee and co-Chair of the ISSM Consultations and Guidelines committee. Dr. Yafi earned his medical degree from the American University of Beirut, then completed his internship in General Surgery at the Mayo Clinic, his residency in Urology at McGill University in Montreal, Quebec and his fellowship in Andrology, Sexual Medicine and Prosthetic Urology at Tulane University.


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