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Happy couple discovered how to have a threesome

How To Have A Threesome: The Talk, Tips, And What Not To Do

If you've been curious about how to have a threesome, you're not alone. According to a study done by the Kinsey Institute, threesomes are the most common sexual fantasy among men and women alike.
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What Is A Nitric Oxide Booster And Why Should You Care?

What Is A Nitric Oxide Booster And Why Should You Care?

It's time you got to know nitric oxide boosters. If you're looking to increase blood flow, lower blood pressure, increase erectile functioning, and have a healthy libido all at the same time then you should give them a try.
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Person that learned how to prepare for anal sex

How To Prepare For Anal Sex And Safely Enjoy It

Anal sex can be an exciting new experience for a couple. But, how do you properly prepare for anal sex so you can both safely enjoy it?
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Woman with flower representing a happy vagina after discovering vaginal numbing cream

Vaginal Numbing Creams: Do They Work?

If you are one of the thousands of women that suffer from Dyspareunia or ones of its many underlying causes such as vulvodynia,inadequate lubrication, postpartum dyspareunia, or vaginal atrophy, then vaginal numbing cream may be able to help you. 
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50 best sex toys for couples

50 Best Sex Toys for Couples

When it comes to sex toys for couples there are so many choices it can be hard to know where to start. We've compiled the 50 best sex toys for couples to help take your relationship to the next level.
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Pregnant Couple about to have sex

Is Sex Safe During Pregnancy?

Can you still have a sex during your pregnancy? Unless advised not to by your doctor or midwife then, yes. In fact, many women find it even more pleasurable than normal.
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