Delay Sprays and Delay Creams

delay sprays and delay creams

"Delay Spray", "Delay Cream", and "Delay Gel" are common names for topical anesthetics for PE. These products are also called male desensitizers, male genital desensitizers and penis desenstizers.  There are literally more than 100 of these products

 available on the market . But how can there be so many of them? And what about these product and company names? Stud, Rock Hard, DOOZ, Climax, Super-Dragon, Excite Man, Jamaican, ManDelay, Pro-Long, Sta- Erect, and the list goes on. Is it really that easy to make a delay spray or delay cream?

Apparently so. These products are abundant and inexpensive. This technology has been around for more than 60 years. Schapiro first reported their use in 1943 (Schapiro B. PE, a review of 1130 cases. J Urol. 1943;50:374-9). These products can help delay ejaculation but have the side effects of loss of sensation and transference to your partner.

Promescent is the only product available in the U.S. with absorption technology which greatly reduces the side effects mentioned.

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  • FDA-compliant, topical medication backed by urologists.
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  • Great sexual sensation for you and your partner.
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