Only two products have a eutectic formula that can control premature ejaculation - Promescent and Fortacin™ (aka PSD502 Tempe Spray).

The topical spray, Fortacin™ (PSD 502 TEMPE) has yet to receive regulatory approval by the FDA for the treatment of premature ejaculation. In clinical studies,  Fortacin deploys an absorption technology using a eutectic formula by adding prilocaine to lidocaine.  This technology has been available for decades (search EMLA in Wikipedia). Doctors in the U.S. have been prescribing (off-label) EMLA for PE for many years.



Active Ingredient

LidocaineLidocaine & Prilocaine

Side Effects

  • Promescent only has 1 active ingredient, which is considered very safe and has very low side effects.  Lidocaine is the product that most dentists use when they need to desensitise your gums.
  • Fortacin used Lidocaine as well as Prilocaine.  The use of Prilocaine in Fortacin adds a 2nd layer of potential side effects that can be avoided by using a single Active Ingredient Product such as Promescent.

Absorption Capability

  • Both Promescent and Fortacin have a eutectic formulation and have similar absorption capabilities.
  • Both Promescent and Fortacin have a eutectic formulation and have similar absorption capabilities.


  • USD 1.33/spray
  • USD 6/spray


  • OTC (over the counter)
  • Rx (prescription only)

Where to Buy

  • In thousands of Target® stores and pharmacies across the US, and online at
  • As of March 1st, 2017 available online on one site

Can I Buy It Outside the US?

  • Yes, you can, as Promescent is an OTC product in the US, you can buy it from our website in a few clicks and have it shipped discreetly and quickly to most countries in the world for personal use.
  • Yes, but you need to get a prescription first, which you then need to mail to the online pharmacy before they ship it to you.

Fortacin and Promescent vs. Other Delay Creams, Sprays and Gels

Both Promescent and Fortacin have eutectic absoprtion technology. We are not aware that other delay creams, delay sprays and delay gels have this capability and are commonly called "penis numbing sprays and creams". With these other products, you may experience significantly reduced sexual pleasure and transference to your partner.

Promescent is OTC and Available Right Now

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Promescent is Available Without a Prescription

Promescent Spray

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