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processed food that kills testosterone

What Foods Kill Testosterone? (Top 10 Testosterone-Killing Foods)

A diet that helps to support hormonal balance is crucial for overall health. It's especially true as it relates to testosterone levels. Certain foods have the ability to negatively impact testosterone production and function in the body. Find out the top testosterone killing foods to start avoiding.

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Man in bed with morning wood

Why Morning Wood Happens: What Every Man Should Know

Morning wood, also known as nocturnal penile tumescence, is a common and natural occurrence that many men experience. It's generally a sign of good health. We'll go over the science of why morning erections happen. Find out the different factors that can influence how much men experience nocturnal erections.

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pile of multivitamin pills

Should I Take a Multivitamin? What Science Has To Say

Should you take a multivitamin? Learn about what multivitamins are, what science says about them, and the factors you should consider when deciding to take one. We'll look into the good and bad sides of taking these vitamins and why some people might need them more than others. The goal is to help you decide if multivitamins are something you should add to your daily routine.

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how does a penis get hard

How Does a Penis Get Hard: What to Know About Getting an Erection

If you've ever wondered how a penis gets hard, you're probably not alone. Knowing how it happens may help you be better able to get an erection when you're ready. Our article will go over what causes a penis to get hard, along with other interesting facts about erections. We'll also cover what you can do if you're dealing with erectile dysfunction.

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supplements and vitamins for premature ejaculation

8 Best Supplements & Vitamins For Premature Ejaculation

Premature is a common sexual dysfunction where men are unable to control their orgasm and climax too fast. Supplements and vitamins are a potential treatment option that can extend ejaculation time. Find out the best ones to take to help you last longer in bed.

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how to increase nitric oxide

How to Increase Nitric Oxide: 12 Ways to Boost NO2 Levels

Impaired nitric oxide production can lead to circulatory problems like erectile dysfunction (ED). It may also cause other sexual side effects for both men and women. This guide will go over the 12 best ways that you can boost your nitric oxide production. We'll also cover the sexual and general health benefits of nitric oxide.

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can belly fat cause ed

Can Belly Fat Cause Erectile Dysfunction: How Obese Men Get ED

Belly fat often puts men at risk for health issues such as diabetes, liver problems, and heart disease. But can belly fat cause erectile dysfunction? We'll discuss how obesity can affect your erectile function. We'll also go over different ways you can help treat ED through lifestyle changes and medical treatment.

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sudden erectile dysfunction

Sudden Erectile Dysfunction: What's Causing It & How To Treat It

When you're used to getting strong erections, having sudden erectile dysfunction can come as shock. This may be especially the case if you're young. But ED can affect men all of ages for a variety of reasons. Find out what causes sudden erectile dysfunction and learn the treatment options that might help.

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what causes loss of erection during sex

What Causes Loss of Erection During Sex: Why You Can't Stay Hard

Some men worry about whether their erection will last during sex. A mild form of ED is when the penis goes soft sooner than you desire. This can occur even with adequate stimulation. But what causes loss of erection during sex? Find out why you can't stay hard and what you can do to help get your erections lasting longer.

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psychological ed

Psychological ED: The Most Common Causes and How To Treat It

It's estimated that over 150 million men worldwide suffer from ED. While physical issues can cause erectile dysfunction, many people are unaware that psychological issues can cause it as well. We'll go over the most common psychological causes of erectile dysfunction, and discuss a variety of ways that it can be treated.

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if i stop drinking will my ed go away

If I Stop Drinking Will My ED Go Away: How Long After Quitting

Drinking excessively can impact the ability to achieve an erection. Some men may wonder, "If I stop drinking, will my ED go away?" Based on current research, there's reason to believe a positive outcome can from quitting alcohol. Learn how long it may take for erections to improve after you stop drinking.

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how long can the average man stay erect

How Long Can The Average Man Stay Erect: Tips to Stay Hard Longer

Erections can last anywhere from a few minutes to half an hour or longer. Anything from a lack of arousal to sexual anxiety can shorten erection time. But how long can the average man stay erect? In this guide, we’ll help you understand how long an erection lasts and all of the various factors that can affect its duration.

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can smoking weed everyday cause erectile dysfunction

Can Smoking Weed Cause Erectile Dysfunction: What Research Says

Does smoking weed cause erectile dysfunction? Oftentimes, marijuana is used as a way to enhance sexual function. But some of the effects that weed has on the body may potentially lead to ED. Find out what research says about the connection between marijuana and erectile function. Also learn ways how you can quit marijuana today.

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does Cialis lower blood pressure

Does Cialis Lower Blood Pressure: How Much Tadalafil Decreases BP

Does Cialis lower blood pressure? Research has shown that tadalafil can cause a decrease in blood pressure. But in some cases, such as with having certain medical conditions or taking certain medications, Cialis can make blood pressure dangerously low. Learn whether you should avoid taking Cialis to treat your ED.

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how stress causes ed

Can Stress Cause ED: How Stress And Anxiety Affects Men Sexually

Stress can affect us in many ways. It can cause us to feel more anxious, more depressed, and maybe even experience physical symptoms. But can stress cause men ED? Our article will go over how stress affects men sexually, and what steps can be taken to treat stress-induced erectile dysfunction.

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