How to Increase Penis Sensitivity

Knowing how to increase penis sensitivity may help with having better sexual function. Here are some different ways to improve penile sensitivity.

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how to increase sensitivity in the penis

Knowing how to increase penis sensitivity may help with having better sexual function. Less sensitivity in the penis can occur for many reasons, such as aging or drinking too much.

Research has shown that men with erectile dysfunction tend to have lower penile sensitivity. Making your penis more sensitive may be the solution to getting stronger erections.

Quick FAQs

Making lifestyle changes such as exercising more, drinking less, and quitting smoking may help increase penis sensitivity.

Lack of penis sensitivity may lead to men engaging in less sexual activity. Consistent sexual activity helps with good heart health and healthy blood pressure.

Factors that can cause reduced penis sensitivity include trauma, age, and medical conditions.

Here’s everything to know about how to increase penis sensitivity and why it’s important.

How to Increase Penis Sensitivity

All bodies are unique, so everyone needs to find the solution that works best for them. Fortunately, there are a number of options to consider.

Lifestyle changes

Better lifestyle choices are one of the easiest ways to improve penile sensitivity.

  • Whether at work or during chill time, regularly sitting for long periods can cause penis sensitivity to decrease. Consider investing in a standing desk.
  • Pelvic floor exercises, squats, and pelvic curls help improve penis blood flow, which can help improve sensitivity.
  • What men eat can influence how much blood flow gets to the penis. Avocados, garlic, and dark chocolate can all help with increasing blood flow.
  • Break bad habits such as excessive alcohol drinking and smoking, as these may also decrease blood flow, and as a result, decrease penis sensitivity.

Increase testosterone levels

Males produce the hormone testosterone (T), which is responsible for libido function and full-body health. Genital numbness can be a warning sign of low testosterone.

If you're experiencing decreased penis sensitivity, have a talk with a physician. A doctor may request blood tests to check for low T and prescribe testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) if needed. Be mindful that TRT can cause side effects such as:

  • Disturbed sleep
  • Acne
  • Breast swelling
  • Increased chances of cardiovascular problems..
  • Increased chances of blood clots

Consider alternative medication

Herbs and supplements may help increase penis sensitivity with less potential side effects. Research has found that nitric oxide can improve penile blood flow, and thus potentially improve penile sensitivity.

VitaFLUX® is a nitric oxide supplement that can help with having a healthier libido and T-levels and makes recovery easier.

Change how you pleasure yourself

Death Grip Syndrome (DGS) or Death Grip Masturbation is a non-scientific sexual dysfunction related to delayed ejaculation (DE).

What that means is that when a man masturbates using one specific technique or a too-tight grip, it can desensitize the penis. It can make it tough to feel pleasure without that distinct movement or amount of pressure.

Avoid masturbating for a week and consider using toys to help retrain penile nerves to not need a tight grip to achieve climax.  

Change how you pleasure others.

Changing up the sex positions may help increase penis stimulation. Some positions offer a tighter space to create better friction for men, such as having them lie on their stomach with their legs closed.

When using condoms, find the right texture for your level of penis sensation. Add a few drops of extra lube to increase pleasure.

Why is penis sensitivity important?

Not enough sensitivity might make a man less likely to engage in sexual activity. For men, regular ejaculation reduces the chances of prostate cancer.

Healthy and safe sex benefits heart health, blood pressure, mental health, and the immune system. 

Symptoms of decreased penile sensitivity

Every man's experience with decreased penis sensitivity varies in severity. But some of the common symptoms include:

  • A pins and needles sensation
  • Coldness in the penis
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • The penis is less responsive to touch

What causes reduced penis sensitivity?

One of the biggest reasons someone may struggle with reduced penis sensitivity is the wear and tear of aging. But that's not the only cause.

Trauma to the penis

Trauma to the penis can damage blood vessels and nerves, which can result in decreased penis sensitivity. Many cyclists report different levels of desensitization throughout their careers.

Other physical trauma, like car accidents and surgery, can also cause a drop in penis sensitivity.


Many men over 50 experience sexual dysfunction, making it difficult or impossible to maintain an erection or climax during intercourse.

Much of the case is because of a decrease in penis sensitivity brought on by the aging process.

Medical conditions

If you notice a change in the sensitive level of your penis, contact your doctor or a urologist. It may be a sign of an underlying medical issue affecting the nerves in the genital area.

  • lupus
  • diabetes
  • multiple sclerosis
  • Vascular disease
  • prostate cancer

Medication side effects

Men that take antidepressants may experience a reduction in penis sensitivity. SSRIs and SNRIs can decrease or diminish penis pain, pressure, and touch sensations. 

Antipsychotics (aripiprazole, risperidone) can also affect desire and performance. Do not stop taking the necessary medication without consulting the prescribing physician.

Recreational drugs like cocaine can negatively affect penis blood flow, which can possibly decrease penis sensitivity.

Stress and depression

Stress can wreak havoc on the body. This includes our sexual health as well.

By triggering cortisol, the body can lower testosterone production, which negatively affects penile sensitivity. Cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) can help men manage stress and anxiety better, helping the body to have healthy testosterone production.

Too much alcohol

Consuming alcohol excessively can decrease blood flow and sensation in the penis because it works as a depressant. If you plan on having sex, lay off on alcoholic drinks to avoid decreased penis sensitivity.

Low testosterone

Low testosterone or low T can lead to decreased libido and penis sensitivity, as well as change in mood, low energy, and lack of penis response.

A doctor can run a blood test to test the testosterone levels and then create a plan of action to address increasing penis sensitivity.

A natural supplement like VitaFLUX® contains zinc which ups testosterone levels naturally and restores vitality.


Decreased penis sensitivity is a shared struggle among men. And some common treatments can boost blood flow and sensation that don't have crazy side effects.

Changing masturbation habits, eating better, and moving around are simple solutions to increase penis sensitivity.

Successfully treating the conditions that cause decreased sensitivity can also help. Additionally, there are natural supplements that contain erection-boosting zinc, such as VitaFLUX®.

If over-the-counter and holistic treatments don't work to increase penis sensitivity, consult with your doctor or urologist.

In some cases, men struggle with being too sensitive. Here's a guide on how to desensitize your penis. You might also find it helpful to try a desensitizing spray as well.

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