Health Benefits of Sex: For Men, For Women, For Both

When it comes to sex there are several heath benefits. We've put together this list to help you learn everything you need to know.

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benefits of sex for men and women

Without question sex can be pleasurable, encourage intimate connection with a partner, and can even be considered fun.

However, are there proven benefits of sex? The overarching answer is a definitive yes.

We’ll go over what the benefits of sex are for your health. Discover how it can be good for you both physically and mentally.

Physical Health Benefits of Sex

1. Provides Cardiovascular System Benefits

One of the most profound benefits of sexual intercourse is its effect on the cardiovascular system. 

A study by Johns Hopkins University suggests that women who have satisfying sex lives and men who have sex twice weekly have a reduced risk of heart attack.

Blood pressure can have a major impact on overall sexual health. It affects everything from erectile function and lower sex drive in men, to libido and vaginal dryness in women.

However, is sex good for high blood pressure? Do orgasms lower blood pressure? Some research indicates sexual satisfaction may have a positive impact on blood pressure.

Sex post-cardiac event is generally considered safe as long as an individual obtains a doctor's clearance.

Sex can increase your heart rate, but typically, if you climb stairs or handle other physical activities without issue, the heart is likely healthy enough for intercourse.

2. Delivers Immune System Benefits

Research suggests that it’s possible sex can help with sickness. Some studies have shown that sex boosts the immune system

People who have intercourse at least three times a month seem to have a better ability to combat pathogens that cause illness and disease.

3. Supports Longevity

One of the more surprising benefits of having sex is it may support longevity. 

Research indicates that both men and women, middle-aged and older, who are sexually active are more likely to be in excellent health

A strong link exists between a healthy sex life and overall health and longevity.

4. Reduces Risk of Prostate Cancer

A major benefit of sex for men is that it may be important for prostate health. A meta-analysis of various studies found that men who had fewer sexual partners, started having sex at an older age, and ejaculated moderately frequently were linked to a lower risk of prostate cancer.

5. May Boost Testosterone

Sexual stimulation is known to increase testosterone levels in men. Among women, research shows a measurable boost in testosterone levels from baseline levels the day after having sex.

Testosterone is often thought of as an important hormone for only males, but this primary sex hormone is important for everything from cognitive function to mood for women as well.

6. Improves Fertility

Sex is undoubtedly important when trying to conceive traditionally. However, if you are trying to conceive via in vitro fertilization (IVF), sex can still be important. 

In one study of couples undergoing IVF, patients who engaged in sexual activity had a higher pregnancy rate (51.72% vs. 37.07%) and implantation rate (38.31% vs. 24.77%) compared to those who did not have sex.

7. Lessens Pain

Due to the release of endorphins during sex and after orgasm, it may cause lowered pain perception.

For women, regular sexual activity may be good for negating pain during intercourse. Additionally, sex may be good for pain during menstruation

But pain-relief due to sex is not just a female-specific benefit. For example, both men and women have been shown to find partial or even complete relief from cluster headache or migraine pain with sexual activity.

8. May Help with Kidney Stones

Another potential benefit of sex is that it may help people who have kidney stones. 

Having intercourse can potentially lead to the spontaneous passage of kidney stones. In fact, some doctors recommend patients with kidney stones aim for having intercourse three to four times a week.

Mental Health Benefits of Sex

Is sex good for health psychologically? Yes. The production of dopamine and other feel-good endorphins during sex may contribute to several mental health benefits of sex for males and females.

1. Reduces Stress and Anxiety

Lower levels of sexual activity are directly linked to higher stress levels. Sex can provide an emotional boost when dealing with stress and anxiety because of the hormones that are released.

2. Helps with Sleep

Sexual activity improves sleep and may even help with sleep latency for those who struggle to fall asleep. 

Interestingly, lack of sleep due to insomnia or otherwise may heighten sexual arousal but does not always mean heightened sex frequency.

3. Supports Cognitive Health and a Better Memory

For older adults, sex quality is linked to better cognitive function. In fact, in adults between the ages of 50 and 89, sexual activity has shown to support a better memory.

4. May Help with Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is one of the most common sexual health challenges for men. However, one reason why sex is important for men is it may negate the risks of ED, especially later in life.

Studies have found men between 55 and 75 are less likely to develop ED if they have participated in sexual intercourse regularly.

5. Boosts Mood

The rush of endorphins with sex may improve stress and anxiety, but it may also support a better overall mood. Anxiety and depression scores are found to be lower in people who are sexually active, even in challenging life situations.

6. May Improve Body Image

People with a healthy sex life may also have a better level of self-esteem. Research found better sex for women was associated with a better body image and a healthy level of self-confidence.

Common Sexual Health Benefits Fact or Fiction

Is it good to have intercourse every day?

Maybe. Social relationships have always correlated with better health, and sexual intimacy is a fundamental component of certain social relationships. However, the "more is better" rule for sex may not apply the same to every person.

Research indicates that any benefits from sex may be based on frequency to some degree. Other factors like sexual quality and whether sex is with a long-term partner may be just as important. 

Further, age and gender play a role in reaping the benefits of having sex every day.

For example, women may have better cardiovascular health beyond age 65 if they have a rewarding sexual relationship with a partner.

Does sex build muscle?

Sexual intercourse is a physical activity that requires the use of different muscle groups. 

For instance, one of the benefits of sex for women is it strengthens pelvic floor muscles. 

However, you're not likely to see big muscle gains from simply having intercourse, regardless of frequency.

There is also a link between male sex hormones and muscle mass. Men who are sexually active, which helps them have healthy testosterone levels, may maintain muscle mass better than those who are not.

Does sex count as exercise? Is sex good exercise? Sex can provide some physical activity, but it doesn't replace a dedicated exercise regimen.

Does masturbation provide the same health benefits as sex?

Masturbation, while often met with stigma or taboo, offers numerous physical and mental health benefits.

Masturbation can reduce stress, relieve tension, improve sleep, enhance focus, boost your mood, and alleviate aches and pains. 

Additionally, it can enhance your sex life, prevent anxiety and depression, and release feel-good hormones like dopamine and oxytocin.

Are there benefits to sex without an orgasm or abstinence?

Yes. Sex does not have to involve orgasm to be physically or emotionally rewarding. 

Engaging in sexual activity, even without orgasm, can still promote intimacy and emotional connection due to the release of oxytocin, which is often called the "cuddle chemical."

People can even reap the benefits of oxytocin without sex at all by taking part in other activities, such as:

  • Hugging or cuddling
  • Kissing
  • Giving or receiving a massage
  • Eating certain foods
  • Bonding with friends, family, and even pets

Abstinence can also provide individuals with a sense of control over their sexual health, promote self-awareness and self-discipline, and allow for the exploration of alternative forms of intimacy. 

Abstinence may even be the healthiest decision for some, such as during the postnatal period after a woman gives birth.

Is it safe and healthy to have sex on your period?

Studies show most women do have sex during menstruation, especially those in a committed relationship. Further, most men say they have had sex with a menstruating partner.

However, sex during menstruation may be related to greater risks of endometriosis due to retrograde menstruation that pushes endometrial cells into the reproductive cavity.

Is anal sex unhealthy?

Heterosexual anal sex is not always done under the best circumstances or the proper levels of protection. Therefore, it is associated with a higher incidence of sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

Fecal incontinence may also be a risk of anal sex. One study found that rates of fecal incontinence were slightly higher for both men and women who had anal intercourse.

For these reasons, anal sex should be entirely consensual and done with open communication and caution to avoid injury.

Is it true women with sexual dysfunction issues cannot have a healthy sex life?

False. Sexual dysfunction in women can stem from various factors, including pelvic floor issues, cancer treatments, menopause, and psychological factors. Some common sexual dysfunction issues for women include:

  • Pelvic floor disorders, such as pelvic organ prolapse
  • Vaginal atrophy and dryness
  • Difficulty achieving orgasm or reduced sexual arousal
  • Painful intercourse, known as dyspareunia
  • Lack of sexual desire or libido
  • Genital pain disorders like vulvodynia or vestibulodynia
  • Hormonal imbalances affecting sexual function
  • Psychological factors such as stress, anxiety, or depression

While these challenges can make sex for women a bit more of a challenge, women can have a healthy sexual life despite the challenges. Further, most women remain sexually active even with dysfunctions.

Is sex during pregnancy healthy?

Yes, usually. Some women may desire to continue regular sexual activity during pregnancy, while others may experience a drop in libido.

Additionally, there may be risks involved for some women that could make sex unhealthy. For example, a woman at risk of preterm labor or cervical incontinence may be advised to avoid sexual intercourse.

Is morning the best time to have sex?

Possibly, but only for men. Morning sex may be better for men who often experience morning erections. 

Testosterone levels are often higher for men between 7 a.m. and 10 a.m. after a good night of sleep.

The best time to have sex for women can be a bit more complicated, as libido can fluctuate based on:

  • Menstruation
  • Ovulation cycles
  • Relationship quality
  • Sleep-time preferences

Nevertheless, studies show females are more likely than males to prefer to have sex in the evening or at night between 11 p.m. and 2 a.m.

Can sex affect your physical performance?

No. Studies have shown that healthy sex anywhere from 30 minutes to 24 hours before aerobic exercise does not affect endurance, strength, or aerobic fitness. 

Can you get testicular cancer from masturbating too much?

There is no definitive link between masturbation or sexual activity and testicular cancer. The only sex-related factor for testicular cancer is STIs.

Does sex protect against endometriosis?

When it comes to the benefits of sexual intercourse to a woman, some studies have shown a link between sexual activity and a lowered rate of endometriosis. However, sex during menstruation may have the opposite effect.

Does sex treat painful ejaculation?

Painful ejaculation can have many underlying causes, including taking certain medications, ejaculatory duct blockages, and more. 

Reaching orgasm and ejaculation more often may not always help with painful ejaculation. The condition should be carefully explored with the help of a physician.


Sex Health List of Benefits

Sex is certainly a healthy activity on many levels. Not only is the physical act itself good for the body and possibly a way to curb some illnesses, it is also valuable for your mental health.

Having sex is good for the heart, may reduce certain types of cancer, and could even be good for kidney stones or pain. 

The euphoric release of endorphins can mean everything from better sleep and mood to better sexual performance for the long term.

Sex can be fun and provide good physical sensations. But it can also be a powerful tool for supporting physical and mental health.

The Promescent Team

The Promescent Team

Our team has over a decade of experience in the sexual wellness field and are experts in sexual dysfunctions, like premature ejaculation. We help couples and individuals better understand treatment options available for different types of sexual needs and educate the public on all things related to intimacy. All of our authored content is medically reviewed for accuracy and reliability.


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