Trojan Extended Pleasure Spray Review: Does it Work?

Trojan Extended Pleasure Spray is a benzocaine-based spray meant to help men last longer in bed. Is this premature ejaculation treatment right for you? Let’s take a look.

Dr. Jed Kaminetsky
Board Certified Urologist, expert in male sexual dysfunction
by Dr. Jed Kaminetsky Last updated 01/24/2024
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Are you looking to last longer during sex?

Over-the-counter desensitizing condoms, sprays, and wipes have grown to be highly sought-after products for those that suffer from premature ejaculation (PE). 

Among them is Trojan Extended Pleasure spray.

Let’s take a closer look at

  • The pros and cons
  • The climax control spray available from Trojan
  • What to expect with the product
  • Other alternatives or better treatment options for you

Quick FAQs

Trojan does not offer exact detail on how long the spray lasts. However, you should get at least 30 minutes of desensitization based on similar benzocaine-based products and if used as directed.

Yes, Trojan states that their product will work with latex condoms.

If used as directed, then Trojan Extended Pleasure spray has a very low probability of transference.

Trojan recommends against oral use of the product. However, if this is a concern, other benzocaine-based products, and lidocaine-based sprays are safe for oral sex.

Pros and Cons of Trojan Extended Pleasure Spray

As with all climax control sprays for PE, there are a few pros and cons to consider with Trojan Extended Pleasure spray.

Take a closer look at the pros and cons below:


Trojan extended pleasure spray pros

  • A little less costly than some pleasure-extending products for early ejaculation
  • Benzocaine products tend to offer a low risk of side effects
  • It can be used with latex condoms safely


Trojan Extended Pleasure Spray Cons

  • Trojan Extended Pleasure PE spray appears to only be available at mass retail stores
  • The benzocaine-based spray is not as effective as lidocaine-based sprays
  • Must be washed off prior and after intercourse
  • Not recommended for use during oral sex

What is Trojan Extended Pleasure Spray?

What is Trojan Extended Pleasure Spray 

Trojan Extended Pleasure spray is a numbing spray made with a 7.5 percent benzocaine solution as its active ingredient.

It is meant to be applied directly to the penis to help men that suffer from premature ejaculation last longer in bed.

Though we couldn’t find exact numbers from Trojan on how long it takes before the spray begins to take effect, it should be roughly 10-15 minutes based on similar products.

Once applied to the penis, the desensitization effects will last somewhere between 30-45 minutes.

Does Trojan Extended Pleasure Spray work?

 Does Trojan Extended Pleasure Spray Work

When used properly, Trojan Extended Pleasure spray should work for most men looking to gain extra time in the bedroom.

Unfortunately, there are no formal studies available for the Trojan brand duration spray.

Nevertheless, there are Trojan Extended Pleasure spray reviews from everyday users that report positive experiences.

However, there are also a few anecdotal reports that the spray does not seem to be as effective as expected.

What can you expect?

 Trojan Extended Pleasure Spray Review: What to Expect

Even though there have not been formal studies performed on Trojan Extended Pleasure spray, the product will likely yield some performance gains.

Topical benzocaine products have been tested for efficacy for men with PE, and these studies can potentially offer some insight into the benzocaine-based spray from Trojan.

By contrast, lidocaine-based sprays like Promescent Desensitizing Spray may offer even more significant gains in the bedroom.

In an event-level impact study of Promescent, ejaculation times went from 6.81 minutes without the spray to 11.16 minutes with the spray on average.

How to use Trojan extended pleasure spray?

Trojan's duration spray is easy to use. You only need a few extra minutes of wait time to allow the spray time to sink into the skin of the penis and get to work.

Simply follow the three-step guidelines offered by the manufacturer.

1. Apply the spray

Apply Trojan Extended Pleasure Spray to the Penis

Determine which areas of the penis feel most sensitive and apply the spray to these areas.

Trojan recommends applying the spray around the head and possibly along the shaft.

Like other climax control sprays, it can take a little trial and error to determine which parts of the penis should be desensitized.

Pro Tip: Trust the 1# doctor recommended desensitizing spray to last longer in bed. 

And, it is better to have too little product than too much. Therefore, it is a good idea to start with a small amount of spray on precise points and adjust as needed.

2. Wait for the spray to dry

Benzocaine acts relatively quickly, possibly even showing effectiveness before the solution fully dries on the penis.

Most Trojan Extended Pleasure spray reviews claim that it takes about 10 minutes for the penis to dry fully.

After waiting the allotted time, if there is still fluid on the penis, wash it off to negate the risk of partner transference during intercourse.

3. Wash off after use

Make sure to wash off Trojan Extended Pleasure Spray after use.

One added step that Trojan offers with the usage directions on how to use Trojan Extended Pleasure spray is to wash the product off after intercourse.

Most men clean up after sex, so this added step should not be an issue. Simply wash the penis with soap and water to prevent extended exposure to the benzocaine solution.

Trojan Extended Pleasure Delay Spray FAQs

How long does Trojan spray last?

Trojan does not offer specifics about how long the desensitizing action will last, and the specifics can vary from one man to the next depending on the sensitivity and how much of the product is used.

It should be noted that benzocaine is not quite as strong as lidocaine, which may mean benzocaine spray may not last as long as lidocaine-based products like Promescent Climax Control Spray for Men.

Promescent Delay Spray

Does Trojan Extended Pleasure Spray work with condoms?

Trojan states specifically on their benzocaine spray that the product works with latex condoms, although there are no studies confirming this.

To use the spray with a condom, be sure the product has dried on the skin before putting on the condom.

Otherwise, the benzocaine will get spread over the full penis, which means less sensitivity all over.

Will Trojan Extended Pleasure Spray transfer to your partner?

When used as directed Trojan Extended Pleasure Spray should not transfer to your partner when used as directed

When used properly, Trojan Extended Pleasure spray has a low chance of transferring to a partner, much like other benzocaine-based products.

Just be sure to allow the product to dry fully before intercourse or partner play.

For added transfer-risk reduction, wash off the penis with soap and water after the skin has absorbed the product.

How often can you use Trojan Extended Pleasure spray?

To negate the risks of undesirable side effects, Trojan recommends not using the product more than four times within a day.

Even though it's not explicitly stated, it may also be best to keep a bit of time between each application to prevent absorbing a large amount of benzocaine in a short time frame.

Can you use Trojan spray for oral sex?

Can you use Trojan Extended Pleasure Spray for Oral sex?

Unlike some other benzocaine products for premature ejaculation, Trojan states on the product packaging label that the product is not suitable for oral use.

While this implies that the solution should not be applied to oral areas, it may also be best to avoid oral sex while using Trojan's Extended Pleasure spray.

Potential side effects

The primary side effects reported with Trojan Extended Pleasure spray are associated with reactions to benzocaine.

As with all desensitizing products for premature ejaculation, it is important to use them only if there are no known allergies or sensitivities to the active ingredients.

In rare cases, people may develop a rash, itching, burning sensations, or some type of skin irritation with use. If any of these occur, immediately wash off the product and discontinue use.

Benzocaine has been linked to a rare condition called methemoglobinemia. This usually only occurs when exposed to high levels of the anesthetic.

Methemoglobinemia reduces oxygen levels in the blood and can be life-threatening.

Contact a healthcare provider immediately if you experience:

  • Confusion
  • Dizziness or severe fatigue
  • Changes in skin color, such as paleness, grayness, or blue lips
  • Changes in fingernail color, such as blueness
  • Shortness of breath
  • Rapid heart rate
  • Nausea


Benzocaine delay sprays vs lidocaine delay sprays

Based on other topical benzocaine premature ejaculation treatments, Trojan Extended Pleasure desensitizing spray should offer performance gains.

Some evidence suggests that lidocaine-based sprays may offer longer-lasting effects and better performance gains.

When used properly, the risks of side effects are low with benzocaine-based products although some men may still have specific sensitivities to the solution due to allergies.

There is a notable  lack of information provided about the product and it is difficult to say just what to expect.

It’s just over $10 at most retailers so giving it a try will not break the bank.

Dr. Jed Kaminetsky

Dr. Jed Kaminetsky

Dr. Jed Kaminetsky M.D. is an American Board Certified Urologist and earned his Medical Degree at New York University. In his tenure he became a member of the American Urological Association and the American College of Surgeons. Dr. Kaminetsky pioneered the minimally invasive Rezum BPH treatment and is an expert in male and female dysfunction.


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