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Penis Numbing Spray: A Comprehensive Guide for Beginners

Dr. Faysal Yafi
Board certified Urologist specializing in sexual health

by Dr. Faysal Yafi 9 min read

"How to last longer in bed" gets thousands of monthly searches on the internet.

Why? Well, probably for a few reasons.

For one, the orgasm gap between men and women can be a big deal. On average women reach orgasm about 39% of the time, while men reach it 91% of the time.

Usually, guys hit the finish line sooner, which means women can be cut short.

Statistic showing number of women who reach orgasm as opposed to men

Second, premature ejaculation (PE) is a common issue for men. One in three say they have problems with PE on occasion. The average time to ejaculation is 5 to 7 minutes, but some guys are barely making it that far.

Estimates show up to 40 percent of men have experienced PE at some point

Penis numbing spray could be an easy way to help a guy hold back on ejaculation, last longer during stimulation or sex, and better please their partner.

If you're new to the idea of penis spray for desensitization and delayed ejaculation, here is a guide of facts to get you started in the right direction.

Quick FAQs

Yes, there are several studies that show big increases in time to ejaculation.

Primarily just over desensitization. We actually recommend doing a test run first so you can determine how many sprays you need in order to not experience over desensitization

All sprays are different so you will want to check the warning label, but with Promescent penis numbing spray you can still receive oral after the product has been applied. However, we do recommend that you wipe your penis off before receiving oral.

If Promescent is used as directed then there should be little to no transference to your partner.

What Is Penis Numbing Spray?

Penis numbing spray is a specially formulated product that is designed to apply directly to the most sensitive parts of the penis.

When properly used, the spray can help to delay ejaculation so you can last longer in bed.

These sprays, which may also be referred to as PE sprays, desensitizing sprays, or delay sprays, are made with desensitizing ingredients that affect the nerve sensitivity in the area applied.

The most common desensitizing agents in penis sprays are lidocaine and benzocaine.

Penis Numbing Spray vs Penis Numbing Cream

Penis numbing spray and penis numbing cream can have similar active ingredients. But, beyond the similar active numbing agents, the two can be quite different.

Here's a look at a general description and the pros and cons of both.

Comparison between numbing spray vs numbing cream

Penis Numbing Spray

Penis numbing spray has a thin-consistency that gets applied directly to sensitive spots on the penis.

The product is packaged in a convenient pump spray bottle. Time to effectiveness can vary depending on the product.

Note: Promescent Delay Spray takes as little as 5 minutes to start working and comes in a metered dose spray for consistent repeatable results.

Pros of penis numbing sprays

  • Not messy to apply or use; very little worry about getting the product all over your hands.
  • Absorbs much more rapidly; usually within minutes.
  • Less of a chance of transferring to a partner.

Cons of penis numbing sprays

  • May be a bit more costly
  • May not be as discreet to apply

Penis Numbing Cream

Penis numbing cream is going to be a thicker consistency than a spray and usually comes in a small tub or tube instead of a spray bottle.

Most creams require advance planning to use because they may take up to 20 minutes to take effect.

Pros of penis numbing creams

  • Can sometimes be easier to control how much product you use, but that doesn't mean you can control the amount of desensitization in each dollop.
  • May be a bit less expensive.

Cons of penis numbing creams

  • Messier to apply and clean up after application.
  • Higher likelihood of transferring to a partner due to lack of absorption and complete drying
  • May take longer to absorb into the skin; usually requires washing off the excess before sex.

Does Penis Spray Actually Help You Last Longer?

Penis numbing spray is considered one of the most effective and safest ways to delay ejaculation when used properly.

Several studies have taken place to prove the effects of using numbing agents to delay ejaculation.

For Promescent specifically, studies have shown significant improvements for men with issues with premature ejaculation.

In the graph below, you can see that using Promescent Delay Spray increased the average time to ejaculation significantly from about 6  minutes on average without using the spray to 12  minutes with the spray.

Graph showing improved delay to ejaculation time from using Promescent

Another important conclusion from the aforementioned study, using the spray also improved the chances of both partners reaching orgasm.

Couples both experienced orgasm 65.6 percent of the time with Promescent penis numbing spray compared to only 44.1 percent of the time without the spray.

Researchers from the study noted:

"Findings suggest that the use of this type of topical spray significantly improves the quality of sexual experience and perception of partner experience and that these improve with longer duration of use."

How to Use Penis Spray

The beauty of using penis spray is just how easy the process is.

You don't have to do a lot of prior planning because the product takes effect so quickly.

So, as long as you have practiced determining where your most sensitive spots are and how many sprays you need, you can simply apply the spray about 10 minutes before sexual activity and be good to go.

For Promescent, the process goes like this:

Step 1

Shake the bottle to mix thoroughly.

Step 2

Apply between 3 and 10 sprays to the most sensitive spots. Typically the frenulum, along with the underside of the head and shaft of the penis.

You can rub the spray into your skin to encourage absorption, but keep efforts localized and wash your hands after doing so.

Step 3

Wait for about 5-10 minutes for the liquid to absorb into the skin. You can wait up to 15 minutes if needed.

A few tips to remember:

  • Promescent comes in a metered dose spray so you can get consistent reproducible results.
  • We recommend doing a test run prior to using with your partner so you can learn how many sprays you need for the desired results
  • Don't forget to clean your hands and wipe off any excess so you don't transfer the spray to your partner

Common Questions When Using Penis Numbing Spray

Can you still receive oral?

Banana with lipstick all over peel

Check for guidelines with any penis numbing spray you use. Some products may specifically state to skip oral sex after applying the product.

If using Promescent, you can receive oral after using Promescent Delay Spray, however, it is recommend giving your penis a quick wipe down so you don't risk numbing your partner's mouth.

Does penis numbing spray transfer to your partner?

When used as directed, Promescent will not likely transfer to your partner because the numbing agent absorbs into the skin and is pretty much locked there.

Be mindful with other desensitizing sprays, gels, and creams—these can be more likely to transfer during sex.

Are there side effects?

Every penis spray can come along with its own set of potential side effects based on the ingredients.

So, before using any product, take a look at the included information.

If you are sticking with a high quality penis numbing spray like Promescent Delay Spray, side effects tend to be minimal.

Two primary side effects to know with Promescent include:

1. Over-desensitization

Over-desensitization is one of those side effects that can be anticipated with numbing spray, especially when you are just getting used to a new product.

You may accidentally use a little too much or find that you are especially sensitive to the numbing action and then not feel much of anything.

The good news is, if this does happen to you, the effects will simply wear off soon after.

Washing with soap and water may help you regain sensitivity quicker, but sensations tend to return on their own within 30 minutes or so.

2. Discomfort due to allergy

Allergies to desensitizing ingredients are extremely rare but possible.

Typically, an allergy will result in some type of discomfort, such as burning, itching, or other skin irritation.

If you feel any discomfort, thoroughly wash off the spray with soap and warm water and discontinue use.

Do you need an erection before applying penis spray?

Not necessarily but it can help.

Applying while erect makes it easier to target sensitivity zones because you are naturally more sensitive when fully hard.

Blue jeans with banana poking out of the zipper of the jeans

If you're just getting started with a penis spray to last longer, applying while erect the first time gives you a better idea of what spots to target.

Once you're comfortable applying the product, you could just as easily apply while you are flaccid.

Can penis numbing spray be used with a condom?

Person holding two bananas with condoms on them

Be sure to check the guidelines that come along with the specific product you are using.

Promescent penis spray is fine to use with just about any type of condom, except for polyurethane condoms.

For other sprays, you will need to check with the manufacturer to find out what types of condoms they can be used with.

Different Types of Penis Spray

You can find penis numbing spray in a plethora of varieties, some more complex than others.

However, two main types of penis spray are most preferred for reliable numbing action.

Lidocaine Penis Spray

Lidocaine penis spray is typically the most preferred type of product.

Lidocaine absorbs into the skin quickly and delivers fairly consistent results even with a low-potency product.

Benzocaine Penis Spray

Some penis numbing sprays contain benzocaine as the primary numbing agent.

While effective, benzocaine can require more product to achieve the same level of desensitization, especially if using a low-potency product.

Additionally, benzocaine may be more likely to cause adverse skin reactions due to allergies.

Lidocaine is commonly prescribed as an alternative for people who have sensitivities to benzocaine.

Where Can You Buy Penis Spray?

Penis numbing spray is available over-the-counter, so you don't have to get a doctor's prescription to get it.

You can find these sprays at some drug stores, and online from the manufacturers.

While products are widely available through a variety of retailers, sticking with a reputable supplier is always best so you can rest assured the product you are getting is just what it claims.

You can buy Promescent directly from our website, for example.

Alternatives to Penis Spray

While penis numbing spray can be a quick and easy way to lower sensitivity levels and last longer before ejaculation, you may find some of the natural tactics helpful as well.

Natural alternatives to penis numbing spray

The Squeeze Technique

The squeeze technique, which is sometimes called the pause-squeeze technique, is all about dropping arousal levels when you feel yourself get close to climax.

Essentially, this technique involves:

  1. Stopping stimulation when you near climax
  2. Firmly squeezing the head of your penis near the frenulum
  3. Hold the squeeze for several seconds or until arousal levels have dropped
  4. Repeat as needed to delay ejaculation

While the squeeze technique initially involves manually holding back climax, following this technique for a while may help you learn to delay without manually squeezing.

Start and Stop Method (Edging)

The start/stop method of controlling ejaculation is designed to sort of elongate the duration of pleasurable sensations so you don't orgasm as quickly.

The process of edging generally looks something like this:

  1. Enjoy sexual activity until you feel like you are close to ejaculation
  2. Stop stimulation completely (i.e. pull out, stop foreplay, etc.)
  3. Wait until you don't feel as aroused
  4. Ease, slowly, back into activity and stimulation

So, essentially, you will stimulate, stop, rest, stimulate, stop, rest, stimulate, and so on as much as needed to delay ejaculation.

Note: Edging is commonly incorporated into tantric massage as a means of heightening the climatic experience and prolonging sex.

And, edging can be just as effective for women.

Work on Kegels to Build Your Pelvic Floor Muscles

Kegels are pelvic floor exercises.

By exercising your pelvic floor, you may be able to better control what seems like an automatic reaction (ejaculation) when you hit a certain level of arousal.

Studies have shown this to be highly effective for some men who struggle with premature ejaculation.

Kegel exercises involve tightening the same muscles you would tighten to stop urinating mid-stream or to hold back when you feel the urge to pass gas.

Practice finding these muscles. Once you know how and what to tense up, do some basic exercises:

  1. Lay on the bed or otherwise flat.
  2. Tighten the muscles in your pelvic floor
  3. Hold for 3 seconds
  4. Relax for 10 seconds
  5. Do at least 10 sets of repetitions
  6. Repeat 3 times daily or more

As you do these exercises, work to hold the tension for longer. You can gradually work up to holding for several more seconds and doing more repetitions.

Once you have mastered kegels while lying down, try doing the same exercises in other positions, such as while you are in an upright position or standing up.

Note: There's no reason you can't combine the power of a penis numbing spray and natural exercises for heightened effects. For example, if delay spray is helping you get to 10 minutes, you could try the squeeze method to prolong ejaculation even more.


Man kissing woman

Overall, penis numbing spray is easy to use, delivers faster effects than creams, and is considered safe.

Studies have proven the effectiveness of using quality lidocaine-based products like Promescent.

With a very low chance of negative side effects and a high likelihood of effectiveness, delay spray could mean a much better sex life overall.

With a little practice, you can find just how many sprays you need to achieve the best possible outcome. And, adding natural ejaculation-delaying techniques can mean lasting even longer.

If you are ready to use penis spray to last longer, be sure to check out Promescent Delay Spray.

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Dr. Faysal Yafi
Dr. Faysal Yafi

Dr. Yafi is Associate Professor of Urology, Chief of Men’s Health and Reconstructive Urology, Director of Men’s Health and Newport Urology at the University of California, Irvine. His practice specializes in men’s health, erectile dysfunction, hypogonadism, Peyronie’s disease, prosthetic surgery, male voiding dysfunction and male infertility. Dr. Yafi has over 150 peer-reviewed publications and book chapters. He is the current Chair of the SMSNA scientific committee and co-Chair of the ISSM Consultations and Guidelines committee. Dr. Yafi earned his medical degree from the American University of Beirut, then completed his internship in General Surgery at the Mayo Clinic, his residency in Urology at McGill University in Montreal, Quebec and his fellowship in Andrology, Sexual Medicine and Prosthetic Urology at Tulane University.