The Penuma Device: Is This Penis Growth Implant Right For You?

The Penuma device can help you get the penis you've always wanted. Check out this article and see if this procedure is right for you.

Dr. Laurence Levine
Expert in male sexual health, leading Urologist in USA
by Dr. Laurence Levine Last updated 12/07/2023
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45 percent of men think their penis is too small

Not happy with your calves, glutes, abs, or chest?

No biggie—there's a cosmetic procedure and some type of implant that can help. But what about your penis?

Yup. You can get an implant there too.

Thousands of men find themselves feeling short-changed in the penile department—45 percent to be exact—even though most men have unwarranted concerns.

Seriously, the true average is 5.2 inches length and girth at around 4.5 inches, and that's erect.

Nevertheless, if you truly feel you need penis enlargement with an implant, you're in luck.

Quick FAQs

Yes, the Penuma implant is manufactured in the United States.

Penuma is not designed to do anything for erectile dysfunction.

Penuma is not the same thing as a penile prosthesis for ED; it doesn't inflate, you don't have to attach it to anything, and it is always inside of your body. It is though inserted under the skin of the shaft but not inside the erectile bodies.

The implant is inserted onto the top of the shaft, and the urethra runs along the underside of the shaft. So, your urinary functions should not be affected in any way.

The procedure is designed to last for life.

The Penuma implant is the first and only FDA-cleared penile implant for cosmetic enhancement, not for improving rigidity like penile implants used for erectile dysfunction which have been around since the early 1970s...

Hold your horses!

Before you dial up your local cosmetic surgeon and shyly ask about a Penuma penis enlargement, we've got the deets.

You may not want to jump all in with dreams of going more all-in just yet.

What is a Penuma implant?

A Penuma implant is basically a penile prosthesis made of medical-grade silicone that gets surgically implanted under the skin of your penis to enhance length and girth.

While there have been other methodologies and devices used in the past for penis enhancement, Penuma is the first FDA-cleared silicone implant.

The implant's currently available in a choice of three alluring sizes:

  • Large
  • X-Large
  • XX-Large

The Penuma XXL size is the absolute largest a medical professional will go and is very rarely recommended as it is really too big for 99% of men.

Before the surgery, the penuma implant will be custom designed to fit the size and shape of your penis.

Your penis is made up of three cylindrical pieces of tissue, one on the bottom of your shaft known as the urethra or the corpus spongiosum and two running parallel down the top of your shaft known as the erectile bodies or corpus cavernosa.

The Penuma device goes over the top of the two erectile bodies but under the skin to increase length and girth.

It should be clear that the Penuma device is designed to enhance flaccid length and both flaccid and erect girth.

It does not lengthen the erect penis.

What to expect with penile implant surgery

The Penuma procedure will be performed under general anesthesia, usually in a surgicenter setting.

To insert the Penuma for penis enlargement, the surgeon will make a small incision near the base of your penis, or more recently the preferred approach is through a small incision on the side of the scrotum which virtually disappears in time.

The process is relatively quick—you will likely be out of surgery within 45 to 90 minutes.

Do note, if you've not been circumcised, you will need to be before the implant can be placed.

Once you wake up and everything looks good to go to the attending medical staff, you can go home. 

Recovery After the Penuma Procedure

You'll be sent home with a list of post-operative instructions.

Follow these guidelines to the letter; they can determine the likelihood of threats to the safety and effectiveness of the procedure.

Most men will only need three or four days off of work for the penile implant, so you could essentially take a long weekend and go back to work with newfound, increased levels of self-confidence.

Men who have a very active type of job which requires them to be on their feet much of the day should take 7-10 days off to optimize recovery.

However, you will have to return to the clinic that performed the surgical procedure in two or three days for a quick checkup.

You will have a swollen penis for as long as a few weeks, so it may be hard to gauge the size difference until the swelling subsides.

While you will have an incision, the incision will not be all that big, and the placement ensures you don't end up with scar formation on your penis.

As far as actually using or playing with your new tool, you'll have to wait at least six weeks or more to make sure everything is on the up and up.

No sex and no masturbation allowed.

The clinic will have to determine precisely when you are healed enough to get back to your normal sexual activities.

How much does Penuma Cost?

If you want the penuma penile implant, your costs will be roughly $16,000 to $18,000. If you have to be circumcised, the additional cost can be between $1,500 and $5,000.

The cost of the penuma implant is roughly $16,000 - $18,000

Because penuma is not cleared for the treatment of erectile dysfunction, the procedure is not deemed as medically necessary but as an elective cosmetic procedure.

In other words, insurance will not cover the procedure because it is considered only a cosmetic enhancement.

So, the costs of surgery will have to be paid entirely out of pocket.

Some clinics that offer Penuma do offer financing.

Risks of Adverse Events

Every surgery can come along with a risk of adverse events, even penis enlargement surgery like the Penuma procedure.

Pro Tip: If a penuma implant surgery seems a little too extreme for you, then check out this article about penis pumps and see if this alternative might be more for you.

When it comes to something as important as your sexual function and your penis, you definitely want to take these risks into consideration.

As noted, but it's important enough to state again, you will be given post-operative instructions to follow as a patient, and they MUST be followed to prevent problems.

The initial risks you face will be with anesthesia, which is common: nausea, hoarse voice, confusion, and even vomiting can happen.

As far as the possible complications due to placement, risks include:

  • Perforation of the skin over the implant
  • Infection
  • Stitches detaching
  • Implant breakage
  • Fluid collection around the implant (seroma)

Anecdotal Risk Reports

Now, that's what the assessed clinical evidence suggests as far as risks, but the anecdotal reports from previous patients on Reddit offer even more insight.

Some men report:

  • Pain with erection
  • Unnatural changes in penis shape ( wing-like protrusions on the sides or knuckling of the end towards the head of the penis) 
  • Loss or reduced penis sensation which typically resolves in the first 1-6 months after surgery
  • Skin changes or irritation due to stretching

Potential patients should have a serious, open discussion with their chosen doctor to weigh the possible risks, complications, benefits, and outcomes of the procedure.

Results and Effectiveness of the Penuma

In general, Penuma appears to be associated with satisfied patients.

The cosmetic surgery does increase penis size and most patients don't have issues with sensation changes for the long term.

Size Difference

So, how much does Penuma increase size? What's the difference when flaccid and erect?

These are naturally the most concerning questions.

Medical professionals say that the Penuma procedure can come along with an increased length of your flaccid penis from 1.5-2.5 inches and up to 1.5 to 2.5 inches of girth while flaccid or erect.

So, using the average male's erect size of 5.2 inches long, that penis could be transformed into a 6.7 incher with the girth also considerably expanded.

Penuma size difference expectations


In general, the clinical research seems to suggest high levels of satisfaction with a Penuma implant.

In an evaluation of 400 patients who chose the Penuma implant, 81 percent said their satisfaction levels were either "very high" or "high."

A small number of men (3 percent) did have to get their implants removed due to problems after the surgery.

Beyond the clinical research, most men do seem to be satisfied with the outcome of the Penuma procedure.


Even if you do desire more size, you likely don't want to sacrifice your sensation in exchange for a couple more inches.

Does Penuma feel natural?

While most men do have some lowered sensitivity levels immediately after surgery, those sensations should return as you heal.

This may take up to 6 months but usually does not interfere with sex.

When touching the penis it will always feel firmer than it did.

This also takes a while to get used to.

According to the aforementioned follow-up study of 400 patients, there were zero reports of sensation loss during sex or any change to the ability to get or keep an erection.


In most cases, no one would ever know that you've gotten anything done unless you told them—much like any good cosmetic surgery.

The implant is made with soft, flexible medical-grade silicone.  So in the erect state, it will feel like a normal hard penis.

However, some men do claim that penis enlargement causes undesirable changes to the shape of their peen. If this occurs, the implant may have to be repositioned.

Can anyone get a Penuma implant?

Man happy he qualifies for a penuma implant

According to the Penuma website, the penile implant is only available for men who are circumcised and over the age of 21.

Men who are active smokers or who have uncontrolled diabetes or Peyronie’s disease are not considered candidates for this surgery.

The manufacturer does also state that people who have opted for fillers, transferred fat, or silicone gel procedures for enhancement don't have skin quality to support the implant.

And, men who have undergone penile implants in the past are usually turned down.

Most healthy men are considered good candidates, but those with certain health conditions may not be suitable patients.

How do I get one?

If you do decide you want to take the Penuma route to enhancement, you may have to travel for the procedure.

Currently, the procedure is offered in:

  • Beverly Hills
  • Chicago
  • Washington DC
  • Phoenix
  • New York
  • Austin, TX
  • Louisiana
  • Atlanta
  • Bay Area

You can also follow a link on the manufacturer's website to find a physician nearest you.

The first step as a prospective patient is always to get a consultation, at which time the doctor will discuss things with you like your medical background and what you wish to achieve with the surgical procedure.

Important: Remember Penuma is designed to enhance flaccid length which turns you from a grower into a show-er. It also is meant to enhance both flaccid and erect girth.


Cosmetic enhancement of your peen can be a big decision to make, especially when there is surgery involved.

Consider the cost, your own health, complications, benefits, and alternatives available before you make any final decisions.

Go ahead and find a Penuma before and after picture or video—or a few—to get some visual ideas of the results.

The Penuma is not necessarily permanent, as the implant can be removed if a patient has problems.

Unfortunately, some adverse effects could cause permanent damage, even though those adverse events seem to be rare.

If you really struggle with lacking confidence because of what you believe you are lacking, Penuma may be a viable option if you feel the procedure is worth the risks.

In reality, most men have substantial length and girth to do the job—and most women agree.

In fact, you may get more of a response from your partner if you last longer in bed before ejaculation than you would if you have a bigger penis.

To find out if that may be the case, be sure to pick up Delay Spray For Men or Delay Wipes to give it a shot.

Dr. Laurence Levine

Dr. Laurence Levine

​Dr Laurence Levine is a Professor of Urology and practices at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago. He is focused specifically on Male Sexual Health and is past President of the Sexual Medicine Society of North America (SMSNA). Dr. Levine graduated from the University of Colorado School of Medicine where he received his MD and completed his training in Urology at the Harvard Program in Boston.​


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