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Different types of condoms and their benefits

15 Types of Condoms: Benefits, Styles and More

Dotted, ribbed, lubed—it really doesn’t matter what you choose. Good sex is all about being safe
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Does Viagra, Levitra and Cialis help with premature ejaculation

Is it True? Learn if Viagra Will Help You Last Longer in Bed

Typically these prescription only medications are prescribed for erectile dysfunction, not premature ejaculation.
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Man learning about the benefits of Promescent Delay Spray

Delay Sprays: How To Use, Tips, FAQs and More

There are a lot of delay sprays on the market claiming to be the best, but do some research and find out for yourself which one you want to give a shot.
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No Fap Benefits and FAQ's

NoFap: Benefits, How To and FAQ (2021 Guide)

NoFappers report a long list of benefits from their self-discipline of steel.
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Man with confidence because he is better in bed

A Man's Guide to Be Better in Bed: 10 Sex Tips

If you regularly come sooner than your partner, that can potentially turn into a frustrating problem.
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Healthy Foods That Increase Libido and Sex Drvie

Top 10 Foods That Increase Libido and Sex Drive

Taking care of your health in this way will increase your chances of a long and fulfilling sex life.

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